Flophone - Interception walkthrough

Flophone - Interception walkthrough
Flophone - Interception is the latest point and click adventure game by melting-mindz for flonga. Flophone - Interception A man named Leon Segur, is about to pick up one of the largest diamonds man has ever laid eyes on. The diamond was stolen from the United Museum a few days ago. We have the location of Segur’s apartment in Berlin. We need you to get on the next flight out and track down this diamond. I uploaded a photo to your Flophone. Good luck! Play free game here

Flophone - Interception walkthrough

• Start by entering your name.
• Read the message and then check your email, you will learn that you are going to be travelling to Berlin in search for Leon Segur who is supposed to be picking up a stolen Diamond from the United Museum.
• Click on the office door to leave, select Berlin and then click on Segur’s apartment.
• Look around and you will notice that the door is locked, using your skills take the point from the lamp and use it to unlock the door.
• Once inside, look around and then head forward to the bedroom. Click on the book that is lying on the end table, it will fall to reveal a card, click on the card to take a closer look. It has some info that you can add to your notes. Open your Flophone and use the GBA search to search for SGT, add it to your notes.
• Take a look under the bed, there is a magnifying glass, take this and then head back to the front room.
• Examine the painting above the sofa, take a photo – this might be a clue.
• Head back to the map by either clicking back or by clicking the GPS in your Flophone.
• Travel to the new location – SGT investments.
• While standing outside of the building check the coin slot on the news stand, you will find a coin.
• Enter into the building, you will find the door leading to Segur’s office, you must use the keypad to unlock the door first. Take a look at the photo you took of the painting. The colors needed are in order from largest to smallest, the code is Yellow, Red, blue, Green. Once you have entered the correct code the door will unlock.
• Enter into the office, take a look at the picture frame on the desk, there are 2 screws that can be removed. Use the coin to remove the screws and you will find 9:30 which can be added to your notes and you will also find another clue that you can take a photo of.
• Take a look at the calendar on the desk, use the magnifying glass to take a closer look at the top right corner, take a photo of this for later. Take a look at the bottom of the calendar, it says “Kavarna” click this and add it to your notes.
• Head back to Segur’s apartment, once inside click on the grandfather clock and notice that the second had is stuck on 9. Move the first hand to the 6 – (30) this will place the clock at 9:30, the painting above the sofa will move revealing a safe.
• Use the second clue from the picture frame to solve this puzzle. Notice the 8 is yellow. To solve this puzzle take a look at the photo you took. The yellow dot is first, which is 8 the second number is 4 (the blue dot) next is 2 ( the green dot) and last is 9 ( the red dot), click enter and then pull the lever to open the safe. Take the strange key.
• Use the GBA search on you Flophone to search for “Kavarna” which will add another spot to travel to on your main map. Click the GPS app on your Flophone and then go to the airport. Next click on the Prague pin on the map. Next click on the “Kavarna” Pin to travel there.
• Enter into the building, take a look on the bulletin board you will find a photo of Segur, in this photo he is standing by a sign with “Vitkov” on it. Take a note of this, also take a photo of Segur.
• Use the GBA search to search for “Vitkov” and you will find a new location in Prague.
• Use your GPS to travel to the new location, take a look around the trash can, you will find a scrap of paper that says “Mosca Negozio” add this to your notes. Also take a closer look at the bench, there is a number inscribed that says “581 6017” take a note of this also.
• Use your phone to run a search with the GBA search for “Mosca” this will return Mosca Negozio in Rome, Italy. This will open a new location on your GPS.
• Head to the airport and then travel to Rome, Italy.
• Once in Rome, take a look at the street sign, there is a small note attached, take note of this for later, then head into the doorway on the left, move the tire aside and then take the crowbar.
• Head back out, head down the alley, you will come across a phone booth. The door is jammed, use the crowbar to open the door.
• Once inside the phone booth, take the phone off of the hook, then insert the coin into the slot, dial the number you received earlier from the park bench. 5816017 a small button will pop out from the side of the phone, click this button to take you to lower ground.
• Once you are down in the subway tunnels, click the arrow to head to the door up ahead. The door is locked and a pass code is required. The pass code can be found by taking the photo you took earlier of the corner of the calendar which said- MASK and had 29 under the M and A and by taking the clue you found on the street sign that said SK with a 30 underneath it. This will make the code be 2930. Once you enter this code into the keypad and click the “E” for enter the door will be unlocked. Press the arrow that points forward to enter into the room.
• Once inside of the room you will be presented with 25 lockers. You have one key and it only opens one locker. The trick to finding the right locker is to look at them. There is one that has a label that is different than the rest. It is in the fourth column and the third locker down. Use the key from Segur’s safe to unlock the locker and take the diamond.
• You have a new email, check it. It will tell you to return to your office once you retrieved the diamond.
• Click on the GPS to return to the map screen and then click on the airport and then click on New York to return to your office.
• Congratulations! You intercepted the diamond!

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