Run Jesus Run walkthrough

Run Jesus Run walkthrough
In time for the season, here we present a new short game, Run Jesus Run: aka the 10 second gospel. Made in 4 days for the Experimental Gameplay Project - theme "10 seconds" Instructions: click on the Flash object to start.
You have 10 seconds to redeem the humanity. Arrow keys: Run. Space: Do Jesus Things. Play free game here

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Anonymous said...

how do you walk on water ?

Nine Mile (Homepage) said...

Repeatedly tap space.

Anonymous said...

keep tapping the space bar

sarah marshall said...

to walk on water you keep pressing space bar until on land

Anonymous said...

i cant get past 12 apostles

ali.c-rocks (Homepage) said...

me either

Anonymous said...

I can help you then!

Hit the devil first,
and then on the next round, tap space when
you are close to each begger.

Give them ALL food.

Then theres the water round, just keep tapping space, and then on the next round, there is an outlined box. Hit it. And finally, tap space on the weird woman, the statue, and the other statue.

Make sure you do all this WITHOUT stopping and an minimum time. That way, you can get ALL 12 deciples

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