Dinx - School Spirit walkthrough

Dinx - School Spirit walkthrough
Dinx - School Spirit is another point and click adventure game by meltingminds for flonga. School troopy has been stolen. Go to the school and see what you can find. Play free game here

Dinx - School Spirit walkthrough

• Start by following the on screen instructions, head to Dinx’s house and make your way up to his room where he needs to check his computer for messages.
• Dinx needs to make his way to the school which is west of Dinx’s house. There is a sign at the location next to the school where you first start that points toward the school.
• Once inside of the school, collect a map of the school which is located above the bench.
• Head up through the double doors and then up again to enter the cafeteria.
• On the table there is a tooth pick, take it and then head down to leave the cafeteria.
• While in the hallway, notice the door to the left is locked. Head down and then make your way left down the hall.
• Enter the first door on the right, which is the Home Economics Classroom. Go to the cabinet which is locked and use the tooth pick to unlock the door. Pick up the lemon juice and leave the room.
• Enter the far room on the left (History room). Pull down the poster above the chalkboard which will cover part of the dates written on the board leaving the code for the desk drawer.
• Click on the desk and enter the pass code 524 to unlock the drawer. After you unlock the drawer take the key. Leave this room, walk down to the bottom of the hallway which will take you back to the entry way.
• Once in the entryway head down the hall on the right. Go through the door at the end of the hall which leads to the gymnasium. Walk over to the red toolbox and take the screwdriver that is setting on top. Once you have the screwdriver leave this room.
• Enter the door on the top right (Math Class room). Look at the writing on the chalkboard, you must solve each simple problem to get the pass code to the desk drawer. 14/7=2 , pentagon = 5 , 2/81=9. The pass code is 259. Click on the desk to get a closer look, enter the pass code to unlock the drawer and take the key which unlocks the door to the science room. Leave this room once you have the key.
• Once back in the hall, enter the door on the top left (Grammar room). Walk to the desk and move the books to reveal a magnifying glass. Take the magnifying glass and then leave this room.
• Once back in the hall, enter the bottom left door (Art room). The cabinet in the corner is locked and to unlock it you must figure out the color code. Look at the art easels from the left to the right. The first one is yellow plus blue which equals green, the second one is blue plus red which equals purple, the last one is yellow plus red which equals orange. Click on the cabinet door which will give you a closer look. Enter the colors as follows – Green(Top), Purple(Middle) and Orange(Bottom) and then click on the door handle and the door s will open. Take the key hanging from the shelf. This key unlocks the Drama room. Make your way back out to the hallway.
• Walk down to leave this hall and then head left to the left hallway. Enter the first door on the left which leads to the Principals office. Click on the case above the filing cabinets and notice that the penny is being covered by a pane of glass. Use the screwdriver to remove the screws and gain access to the penny. Take the penny and then leave this room.
• Head back down and then left to the other hallway on the east side of the school. Enter the first room on the right (Science room). Notice that there is a small dish setting on the table. Click the dish to take a closer look. Set the corroded penny from the Principals office in the dish. Then add some lemon juice and the penny will be magically cleaned of the corrosion. Note that the penny reads 1991.
• Head back to the west hallway and then enter the first door on the left, which is the Principals office. Use the code you just got from the penny (1991) to unlock his desk which will reveal a key to the utility room. Leave this room.
• Once back in the hallway, enter the room on the top right (Drama room) you will need to use the key to unlock this door. After you enter the room, pull the curtain back to reveal an ID card that belongs to Janitor Dan, Notice that his name has been crossed off and it has “Dux Ducis” written below his name. Save this for later!
• Leave this room and head up to the door on top and use the library key to unlock this door. Enter the library and walk up to the book on the book cart. Click on the book to take a closer look at the book. There is a small scrap of paper with really small writing on it. This paper requires you to use the magnifying glass that you retrieved earlier. Once you use the magnifying glass you will see some words written on the paper. You need to look at the words that are written on the ID card you found in the drama room. Dux Ducis which is Latin for Leader!
• Now leave this room and make your way back to the entryway and then head up toward the cafeteria. Use the utility room key to unlock the door on the left which is the utility room.
• Once in the utility room click on the computer monitor on the desk. You will be prompted for a password. The password is “leader”, once you are logged in click on the folder and you will see a strange word that resembles numbers and letters. The word is ShE or 345. This is the code to open this desk drawer.
• Once you see the clue, go back and then click on the desk to take a closer look at the desk drawer. Enter in the pass code 345 which will unlock the drawer. Once you open the drawer you will see the missing trophy. Take the trophy to end the game!
• Congratulations! You have made the front page of the newspaper once again!!!

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