Escape from the Bedroom walkthrough

Escape from the Bedroom walkthrough
I can't understand Escape from the Bedroom because it is in japanese. Looks cool though, one of those games that follow the witty formula of a real room escape game. Play this game here.

Even though I don't understand a lot of japanese, I think I can still make way. Here is Escape from the Bedroom walkthrough.
Escape from the Bedroom walkthrough

David Wright hit in head

David Wright hit in head with 94 MPH Fastball by San Fransisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain . Very upsetting to watch. I wouldn't wish this on any ballplayer. You can see Matt Cain was upset. David, I am praying for your speedy recover. You play the game hard and with passion and you represent the Mets like Derek Jeter represents the Yankees. My only wish was I hoped after what happen your teammates would of won the game for you. Another let down.
David, hurry back, we need you.

Watch David Wright hit in head

Eminem dead | Eminem died | Eminem death | Eminem car crash

I just so wanted to post this. Why? Because of the story behind it and how so old this has been. Eminem dead | Eminem died | Eminem death | Eminem car crash is all the result of a Yahoo page that is certainly fake. Here's the news:

TOP STORIES - Rap Singer Eminem died this morning in a terrible car crash.The cause of this horrible accident was blamed for the cell phone that he was using when riding in his car.It is thought that he was not paying attention when he swerved into an oncoming truck.
He was brought to a hospital in critical condition, but he died from bleeding to death."There was really nothing we could do to help him"said Dr. Adams who was taking care of Eminem at the time.We will always remember Eminem from his music and his words.MTV will be having a special memorial program for him.

"First it's Pac then it's Biggie then Eminem"said Snoop Dogg,another famous rap singer.

Here's the source:
Geez, the funny thing is the source itself ranks on top when you search for 'Eminem died'. So why the resurface? Beats me.

Big Brother 11 Chima quit

I'm glad Chima is gone I couldn't stand her from day one. Hopefully they'll put Ronnie in the jury house he may be seem like a huge douche to some but he was just playing the game and deserves to be on the jury. I can't wait for Sunday now. Why did Chima quit? I'm not surprised Chima's gone, she wanted to make a scene.

I have never been Big Brother so crazy more than the past week. This has been insane. Literally everything planned out like I wanted it to. Ronnie left, Jeff won the power, Chima won HOH which was good because it meant Jessie didn't have it, Kevin won veto which was good cause it meant Jessie didn't have, Jeff used the power and sent Jessie home, Michelle won sending Chima on a bitch fit out the door, and now Jordan won HOH. Incredible!

Bakugan New Vestroia episode 19

My friend who is a total spoiler has seen Bakugan New Vestroia episode 19 sub or english subbed. I was baffled. Mira betrayed the resistance? The team that she led? Spectra is clearly more evil than Masquerade. wow, Mira is going to betray the resistance. Now the resistance is down to 2 working fighters. Wow, this is wrong. So wrong. I don't like Mira and I think she's stupid if she betrays the resistance just because Spectra is her brother.

When is Bakugan New Vestroia episode 19 gonna be out? I think Bakugan New Vestroia episode 19 gonna come out on Sunday.
Watch Bakugan New Vestroia episode 19 preview

Usain Bolt 9.58 video

This is insane! wonder how fast humans can possibly run 100 meters in 9.58 seconds! I remember when the records used to be like 13 seconds lol. Usain is insane! We've got here a beast, a historical video and a world record that will last forever. Usain Bolt 's from another planet.

Usain Bolt
100 meter
2009 Berlin World Championships

1. Usain Bolt - 9.58
2. Tyson Gay - 9,71
3. Asafa Powell - 9,84
Usain Bolt 9.58 video

KCVDS 1.16

KCVDS 1.16
Yugi Oh just got an upgrade. Kaiva Corp Virtual Duel System or KSVDS 1.16 will have more than 3,500 cards, backgrounds, skins and a lot better gameplay. It will also have the god cards, so theres something to look forward to.

Download KCVDS 1.16 on

One Piece 413 sub, watch One Piece episode 413 english subbed

For one thing, they were saying that gender wouldn't matter with Hancock's power. As for why Luffy is immune, isn't it obvious? He's a complete simpleton who's oblivious to lust. One Piece 413 continues to be the funniest anime ever, One Piece is hilarious, which is great. Wait till you hear "epic stupid" I think I'm gonna have to steal that!

Note on when One Piece 413 will be released. Every episode of One Piece comes after a week so the last episode appeared last Sunday and episode 413 comes in two-three days.
Watch One Piece episode 413 english subbed trailer

Touhou 12.3 download

Touhou 12.3 posterWant Touhou 12.3 download? Get ready for a 1 gig download though. Unthinkable Natural Law (Hisoutensoku) is its very awesome name. Said there was gonna be maybe, over 20 system spellcards. It's an expansion with SWR. It would have chat bubble as dialogue possibly now. All old characters would have some new spellcards. Also, Utsuho is the 4th character. Suwako is a playable character and Sanae's assistant. Can't wait to download Touhou 12.3!
Touhou 12.3 download

Demi Lovato 69

Another scandal? You wished! Demi Lovato 69,based on what I dug, is actually demilovato69 a trending topic on twitter #demilovato69. I also found another clue in an entry in wikipedia. Although it is now deleted, using my online investigation skills I found this on its cached page.

DEMILOVATO69, a revolution started on DEMILOVATO69 is a code word used on to find other Tumblr users. Also, you can do #DEMILOVATO69 on Twitter. THIS IS NOT SPARTA, THIS IS DEMILOVATO69!

Clown Face Escape 3 walkthrough

I am still waiting to load the other escape game I wanted to solve. So here is another walkthrough to a day old but still fresh and awesome game. Another hit by stoneagegames, gather items and figure out circumtances to escape! If you're stuck try this Clown Face Escape 3 video walkthrough.Clown Face Escape 3 walkthrough

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood episode 20 sub, watch FMA Brotherhood episode 20 english subbed

Barry was still alive in the end of the previous episode and I knew it, but everyone only cared about Havoc and Mustang. Why does no one cares about Barry!? They saw his armor going apart! Well I know why everybody else could not care less. Mustang is a beast in this series much more badass than he was in the 1st series, he stole the show completely.

I wanted to see Envy get his ass kicked in this Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood episode 20 sub like it had in the Manga but I guess they left that part out so that not to spoil whom the new pride is.
Same thing for the scene where Pride is talking to wrath through a wall.

Anyhoo let's watch FMA Brotherhood episode 20 english subbed 'The Father Standing Before a Grave' as soon as it is available.

Here is what to expect, summary of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood episode 20 sub
"Hawkeye is saved from Gluttony by Mustang, Master Sergeant Kain Fuery, and her dog Black Hayate. Alphonse meets up with the group and they chase Barry who chases his body into the depths of the Third Laboratory. The group divided into two teams. Mustang and Lieutenant Havoc are ambushed by Lust, resulting in both men being grievously wounded and left for dead. Lust then confronts Al, Hawkeye and Barry, the latter attacking Lust but is sliced to pieces. Lust tries to kill Al and Hawkeye, but an enraged Mustang appears and repeatedly sets Lust on fire until her Philospher’s Stone runs out of energy. No longer able to restore, her body and Philosopher's Stone core crumble to ash. Barry's soul survived but his blood seal is scratched out by his body, killing both of them. Edward returns to Resembool and heads for the Rockbell house, but spots his father, Van Hohenheim, at his mother's grave."

Frog Escape 2 walkthrough

Japanese escape games are quirky yet fun. Frog Escape 2 is not a room escape game though, you must figure out on each level how to free the poor frog trapped inside a cylinder. Use objects, pull switches and just have fun! Translated directly from the page, The frogs are trapped
Please let him out!
Frog Escape 2 walkthrough

Hey, wanna see Buddy Valastro of Carlo's City Hall Bake Shop of Hoboken, New Jersey on TLC? Get a sneak peek at Cake Boss and more in their official page from TLC A Discovery Company. If you are not redirected automatically from or to Discovery's TLC page, copy and paste to your browser's address bar.

Haunting Escape 2 walkthrough

A creepy game from stoneagegames. Play Haunting Escape 2 here and try to escape using your mouse and wit! Haunting Escape 2 is another addition to the awesome objects-hunting game by! As usual you will gather items and find their use on which places to escape the room.
Haunting Escape 2 walkthrough

Rescue You lyrics Degrassi season 9

Rescue You lyrics Jake Epstein (Craig)
I was switched off like a light
A fighter with no fight
Staring up at the stars
Giving into the dark
Somehow you saw someone worth saving
You pulled me back into the light

Now if ever i can rescue you
When you need to arms to fall into
You know exactly where ill be
Just look for me
I will rescue you

Panda Escape 2 walkthrough 123Bee

If you're done accomplishing reuniting the baby Panda with her mother on Panda Escape 1, be ready to help the Pandas escape the zoo! Use your wit and intelligence or if you've run out of it, use this 123Bee Panda Escape 2 walkthrough.

Escape the Study Room walkthrough

Are you having trouble finding the codes for the blue box and pink box for Escape Game from Study Room? Thankfully I have a recent interest in game walkthroughs. This site is even turning into a walkthrough site! I will try to post as often as possible on the latest walkthroughs for the hottest game. Here is one of those REAL room escape games. Escape Game from Study Room is a Japanese game (which explains the title), the usual stuff to escape a usual room. Play Escape Game from Study Room here.
Escape the Study Room walkthrough
Escape Game from Study Room walkthrough

If you are not redirected to this link, copy and paste it on your browser's address bar.
Dear New-Vehicle Buyer:

Congratulations on the purchase or lease of your new vehicle!

Please have the principal purchaser of the new vehicle take a few moments to complete the survey. To begin the survey, please enter the eight-digit code found beneath the Web address on your invitation letter. If you have received a reminder postcard, please use the eight-digit code found above your name on the front of the postcard.

By participating in the survey you have the opportunity to enter for a chance to win up to $40,000 from J.D. Power and Associates to PAY OFF YOUR VEHICLE plus a FREE GAS CARD in the amount of $10,000 – a total value worth up to $50,000! Click here for sweepstakes details.

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Thank you for your participation!


Fin O’Neill

Hannah Montana cherries

For a moment there, I thought this was another scandal. I sincerely thought (and wish about) seeing "Hannah Montana cherries"! Well since you're here, let's ride the fun. Want to see a girl eating Hannah Montana cherries?
Hannah Montana cherries

New Moon trailer from Bandslam

I wish the Bandslam movie will be seen because it is such a great movie, it is sad that many people will see it just because at the end of the movie there will be a gay show, I mean a New Moon trailer from Bandslam. Freaking hilarious marketing. I'm just gonna wait until somebody uploads the New Moon trailer from Bandslam on youtube. I'd better off watch this New Moon leaked extended trailer. Freaking hilarious. I said that again on purpose.

Update, there is one already

Cash for Clunkers voucher

Title XIII of Bill H.R. 2346: Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act. $3,500 to $4,500 Cash for Clunkers voucher U.S. Government Funding Towards Purchase of New Vehicles. How to avail of these Cash for Clunkers voucher? Watch this instructional video I found.
Cash for Clunkers informational video

Haven Hospital walkthrough

Haven the Hospital is a relatively disturbing game, and it looks rather long. Creepy game but nice one. This is why I hate these hospitals. Haven Hospital is a new fantastic made, horror point and click game. In Haven: The Hospital you're trapped inside a hospital, and there are weird things going on, you must find the EXIT and run away from it. But in the end, you're too curious to leave, and want to know what's going on at any cost. So you decide you stay and find the Old Asylum.
Haven Hospital walkthrough
If you are not redirected from or, please enter your ticket number from your email on the next screen. Press Next after entering the code in this link.

Landon Donovan swine flu

The players in the U.S. infected with human infleuza. The latest headline is Landon Donovan swine flu.

Fannatation CNN star selection of the United States Landon Donovan, with a positive result for influenza A H1N1 virus. According to the Landon Donovan when he came to Miami on Sunday. "Only I feel really bad and finally went to see the doctor. They took a sample of my nose and was confirmed, as was then," he said.
"I haven't felt that way in a game in a long time," Donovan adds, "During the game and even after the game I thought maybe it was the altitude, the heat, whatever. But even so I've never felt that bad. The last time I was there [at Estadio Azteca] I didn't feel that bad. I just felt lethargic, slow. I didn't feel normal."

Watch news video on Landon Donovan swine flu

Watch District 9 online

I hate how the trailer gives a deceptive depiction of the aliens as the bad guys, but in actual fact in the film they are far from bad, and we are made to really sympathise for them. Humans in the contrary, are the bad guys.

Nevertheless, its highly no doubt one of the greatest sci fi films ever made! This will be interesting. But I'm already annoyed at the "revelations" that people will have about this.

I'm going to take a stab at the plot. The Humans are the bad guys. The Aliens started out peaceful, but because of the weapon technology their technology might make available, we are not allowing them to leave until they cooperate and give it to us.

Hence the concentration camps. Of course, thing about poverty, it makes things angry.
Watch District 9 online trailer


What is contained in rav2sis.avi? I have dared to find out. I hope this is not in the likes of capture-42.avi though. Aint worth the downloading time really. beautiful.avi and deira.wmv however are another story. Have I said enough? Oopps! What are those kids doing there? Anyway if you want to dig into a site, say sharebee, there is a way to do that in google search. Type site:website and the file you want to get. Simple isn't it? Couldn't get much harder than subscribing to our little site here.

Watch Kaminey movie online

Kaminey movie is wicked. Great song and great actors. Now it's time to say good bye to Shahrukh, Amir and salman. Really Shahid, Akshay and Ritik Rodhan are great actors. They should be projected and Khan's should be rejected.

Unfortunately, the Kaminey movie has now been pushed back to August 14th because of the multiplex strike in India. Multiplex cinemas in India refused to release films as Bollywood has made a heavy string of flops such as CC2C, Delhi 6, 8 X10 Tasveer, Jumbo etc. which have caused the cinemas to see a decline in revenue. Luckily, the strike is over and big Indian films such as New York, Kambakht Ishq, Kaminey, Aladdin, Love Aaj Kal and Wanted will be coming out almost every week!
Watch Kaminey movie online trailer

New TF2 hats

When I first heard about the New TF2 hats I thought this will sure be another Transformers collectible and another item hoarders will get a hold of as much as they can.
These hats however are virtual, they are new Team Fortress 2 hats. Looks like Valve did a fairly decent job making the hats suit the characters this time around. Heavy's knit-cap reminds me of the Jane hat in Firefly. The hat "more nazi crap" has nothing to do with nazis its just a common hat found in Europe.
New TF2 hats

Burn Notice season 3 episode 10, watch Burn Notice s03e10, 3x10

We are in the mid-season time. They just had the mid-season finale and now we wait for January to continue season 3 and here we have it! Burn Notice season 3 episode 10. So after last episode 9 season finale they have been gone for a two week break, something like Prison Break only shorter.

This Burn Notice s03e10 gets me pumped! It looks like Fiona gets kidnapped! Whoever kidnapped her, that was a really bad idea. Mike's gonna have their heads. Unless it's Mike who kidnaps her, then relizes what he's done then she is taken again by someone else.

Burn Notice season 3 episode 10 summary: Fiona is asked for help by a widow who got caught in an insurance scam.

Les Paul died, Les Paul cause of death

Les Paul, the guitarist and inventor of electric guitar died Thursday. He was 94. A Guitar Legend I miss you already LES.
How did Les Paul died? According to Gibson Guitar, Les Paul cause of death was complications from pneumonia at White Plains Hospital. His family and friends were by his side.
He had been hospitalized in February 2006 when he learned he won two Grammys for an album he released after his 90th birthday, "Les Paul & Friends: American Made, World Played."

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer lyrics

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer lyrics

Grandma got run over by a reindeer
Walking home from our house Christmas Eve
You can say there's no such thing as Santa
But as for me and Grandpa, we believe.

She'd been drinking too much egg nog
And we begged her not to go
But she left her medication
So she stumbled out the door
Into the snow.

When they found her Christmas morning
At the scene of the attack
There were hoof prints on her forehead
And incriminating Clause marks on her back.

Grandma got run over by a reindeer
Walking home from our house Christmas Eve
You can say there's no such thing as Santa
But as for me and Grandpa, we believe.

Now we're all so proud of Grandpa
He's been taking this so well
See him in there watching football
Drinking beer and playing cards
With cousin Mel.

It's not Christmas without Grandma
All the family's dressed in black
And we just can't help but wonder
Should we open up her gifts
Or send them back.

Grandma got run over by a reindeer
Walking home from our house Christmas Eve
You can say there's no such thing as Santa
But as for me and Grandpa, we believe.

Now the goose is on the table
And the pudding made of fig
And a blue and silver candle
That would just have matched
The hair in Grandma's wig.

I've warned all my friends and neighbors
Better watch out for yourselves
They should never give a license
To a man who drives a sleigh
And plays with elves.

Grandma got run over by a reindeer
Walking home from our house Christmas Eve
You can say there's no such thing as Santa
But as for me and Grandpa, we believe.

Grandma got run over by a reindeer
Walking home from our house Christmas Eve
You can say there's no such thing as Santa
But as for me and Grandpa, we believe.

Vitamin Shoppe coupon August 2009

Get 8% Cash-Back Rebate on The Vitamin Shoppe, the nation's leading discount retailers of quality vitamins and nutritional supplements.
View coupon.

Bonus! Avail of limited time free shipping when you purchase for a minimum of $99 from The Vitamin Shoppe.

Alkirian walkthrough

Alkirian walkthrough by Prid13. About Alkirian: This is the Sequel Escape Game To Alkirian! This time, you're inside a pyramid, and are searching for 7 Scepters! Although such a stupid game, I click his eye to open the disk drive at least every other thing was associated with opening objects, this game shouldnt be played by anyone.

Alkirian 2 walkthrough The Seven Scepters

Alkirian 3 walkthrough The Water Stone

Alkirian walkthrough The Nine Pages

Mechanism walkthrough

Mechanism walkthrough level 1Ever since I was a kid, I love gaming. I remember saving my coins from school to play in those video machines on our way home. When I was exposed to magazines, I would clip walkthroughs so I can beat my favorite games. But now the time has changed, you can get a walkthrough for nearly every game there is online! If there isn't one available yet like for Mechanism walkthrough, I will make one.How about you, what's your story on gaming?

In this Mechanism game, your main objective in this games is to reach the portal with the help of your mechanism, you'll cut threads and stuff. It's a thinking man's game. As usual I'll be doing the Mechanism walkthrough as I play the game. Mechanism walkthrough video will soon be available also. Play free game here.

Mechanism walkthrough
Mechanism walkthrough Blue Path (easy)

Mechanism walkthrough Red Path (Hard!!!)

Time Traveler s Wife review

Time Traveler s Wife review
A romantic drama about a Chicago librarian (Bana) with a gene that causes him to involuntarily time travel, and the complications it creates for his marriage.

I can't wait to see the movie, I just wonder if is going to be as good as the book, ah the book I cry so mcuh like I never did wile reading a book, I felt that I was living the story with them. I can't wait.

I love the leading actress, Rachel McAdams! She was the greatest in Mean Girls and she's trully beautifull without having to resort to superficialities like people such as Megan Fox and all the other over produced freaks in hollywood (male and female alike). She's a true example of beauty and talent and I hope she's very successful coz she deserves it. Eric Bana is so cute and he and Rachel look so cute together!

Overall, a good old love story, let's face it we all need a good love story every once in a while and this looks like one that will quench my craving. Want to see it and in the end all you need is love. But don't watch Time Traveler s Wife free online though, watch it on cinemas with your loved ones.

The song with the Im Falling Apart Barely Breathing lyrics by the way is Broken by Lifehouse. enter code enter code. What code? If I'm lucky and the promoters are on the rush, I could use last year's code at to get free prizes from Subway.
Secret Codes:

Mistaken Identity Whitney Laura

I love this book Mistaken Identity Whitney Laura. I'm almost done reading it. It's an amazing story. It's amazing how God kept these two families sane through all this. I just can't understand how the Van Ryans stared right at Whitney for 5 weeks and didn't see it wasnt Laura, even after they explained the swelling in the face going down, the tubes were all taken off, and even Whitney sitting up, how couldn't they see it wasnt Laura. That must have been double the pain when they finally learned this.
Mistaken Identity Whitney Laura Synopsis:
Meet Laura Van Ryn and Whitney Cerak: one buried under the wrong name, one in a coma and being cared for by the wrong family. This shocking case of mistaken identity stunned the country and made national news. Would it destroy a family? Shatter their faith? Push two families into bitterness, resentment, and guilt? Read this unprecedented story of two traumatized families who describe their ordeal and explore the bond sustaining and uniting them as they deal with their bizarre reversal of life lost and life found. And join Whitney Cerak, the sole surviving student, as she comes to terms with her new identity, forever altered, yet on the brink of new beginnings. Mistaken Identity weaves a complex tale of honesty, vulnerability, loss, hope, faith, and love in the face of one of the strangest twists of circumstances imaginable.

Guilia in Love | Gulia in Love

There's a new hit series for 2009 in Germany which is called 'Giulia in Love?!' Giulia in Love is often misspelled as Guilia in Love or Gulia in Love. Directed by Manfred Nelles.

Naruto Shippuden 122 sub, Naruto Shippuden english subbed

Urghh I hate how the anime strays away from the manga so much makes me not even want to watch it anymore. Why can't it be like Bleach and stick to the main stuff. God the manga is so much more interesting, a lot more fighting like 8 tailed Fox and Sasuke fight, and Madura is Tobei, Pain is killed by Naruto , Naruto has Sage mode and can throw the wind Rasangan. Pain is not the leader of Atuski, Konohana is gone, Danzo is the new Hokoge, Tusnade is in a coma, and more. Ooops sorry for the spoilers, too late!
Let's just watch Naruto Shippuden 122 sub, Naruto Shippuden english subbed

Willard Wigan s miniature art

This is just so amazing, Willard Wigan s miniature art is so small it can fit inside the hole of a needle! Willard Wigan s miniature art details can be seen only on a microscope and of course they were made under a microscope. I discovered this while looking for something else. I make some of the most amazing discoveries that way. Sure glad I found this.
If Mr. Wigan's art ever comes here, I'm going to see it. I'll see it if I have to borrow money or eat rice for a month.

The wonderful thing about this is Willard Wigan's complete humility! Of all the things that have happened to him throughout his life none of it has affected him beyond being just a thoroughly decent, down-to-earth bloke!

He deserves all the success in the world!

Watch Willard Wigan s miniature art video

Snow Leopard 10a432 torrent

Do you want to download Snow Leopard 10a432 torrent? We have a similar post about Geekbench build 10a432 torrent. See also details on Geekbench 10a432.

SQL Server DBA

I thought I need to post a video about SQL Server DBA. I am going back into IT after several years off, this time as the SQL Server DBA I always wanted to be (instead of the MCSE I was). These are great preparation for the field. Watch the whole series on SQL Server DBA before jumping into studying for certifications. These are nice SQL Server DBA videos although I'm missing the 1st part, anybody has a link to a its reupload?SQL Server DBA
SQL Server DBA part 2

SQL Server DBA
part 3
In Part 3 of Quest on the Board, Billy Bosworth - VP of the SQL Server Business Unit at Quest Software discuss SQL Server's changing role in the database market.

Secret de Maija | Secret Maija | Secret de Maya

What is Secret de Maija | Secret Maija | Secret de Maya? Read her secret on her Myspace account Marie-Noelle


My name is Marie-Noelle. I am 27 years old and I am naturopath, herbalist, avid adventurer ... I was on the beach in Phuket on 26 December 2004, when the tsunami struck the Thai coast.
The bus that brought me from Phuket Town to the beach is stopped abruptly, just before reaching the beach. Here is an excerpt from my story, and the synopsis of my story ...

'And then suddenly, the bus stops in the middle of the road, just where the road bends to begin along the beach.
As I am in front of the door, I looked up and I see people shouting and running. Within a split second, certainty me, something is wrong. Everything happens very quickly, and I realized that I must leave the bus immediately. I literally jumped out, and I find myself in total chaos. The street is full of people in a state of complete panic.
On foot or on their small bikes, they all fled to the street that is perpendicular to the beach screaming. In front of me, there is a little boy holding the hand of her young mother dumbfounded, and said, "Mom you die." My blood three times around my veins and I looked up towards the sea
A wall. A monster. One who will get angry, m'anéantir.
I had not expected that my life would stop today. The wave that I fear is there, a few meters, and file right at me. It will kill me and I remain planted there, hypnotized. I did not even think to run. The wall of water that is unfolding before me is not a wave, but death. My brain is like apart of my body and yet a distant thought goes to me, I would have liked to die in Quebec City, the town where I was born.
The second pass, which for me is the last. I do not move, I'm here that's all. There is a great emptiness in me. I feel hands m'agrippent size from behind, as if my lover was with me and wanted me warm. This may be as an angel who comes to me tight against him so that I do not feel the pain of being ripped from this life. I do not have the capacity to rationalize, as I am in a dream. M'enlacent always hands and arms are strong around me. In one moment, I am projected backwards with force.
I cogne figure on a metal surface, and I feel my wrists twisting at impact. I do not understand is that I am or where I landed.
I opened the box in a big Quatre par Quatre filled with metal coils son. I look towards the sea, and I see the man who threw me on the truck running. I understand. The arm, his arm. My downfall is my ticket for a chance to survive. The truck probably did not stop. He spun on the road perpendicular to the sea The man saw in the distance and that is why he surrounded me with his hands. He started in the trunk of the truck as he could. I guess I was the only person still enough to be taken from behind and launched in this way. I did not move, and that changed the course of my life. I wonder if the man had jumped himself into the truck if I had not been there. He thought to save my skin, not his. I do not understand. This may be a mistake, he had to let me squeeze his way and I found myself on the truck by accident. I do not quite what happened.
The old car made an infernal noise. We always drive, and despite everything, the water is dangerously close. Soon I feel the sea whip me hit. Another time I tell myself that I will die. I do not know where I am, I can not remember what I do or how I landed here. I am in the water slides and I, like Alice in the rabbit hole. I do not know if I can breathe or
not, and before they had time to ask the question I rasp face on concrete. The sea has regurgitated. Completely sounded, I looked up and I see the sun. I was fortunate to have been towards the road and not crashing on me for something my slide.
Takes place in front of me show the worst of my life, a brown tide, which ran a tide of bodies dismembered, scrap wood, sheet metal, trees uprooted. A tide that stinks of death. People around who are still alive continue to run away from the coast.
I am stripped of my substance. I am a human wreck who has lost his ability to reason. I do not m'enfuie. I fixed the people who still live, although qu'amochés, and go with the surf.
I can not catch them, they escape at full speed. The water runs to almost disappear, like a deadly that dare not stay at the crime scene ... etc.

Marie-Noelle Maltese

Little Wheel walkthrough

Little Wheel is easily one of my favorite games. Such a fun game its way to short though i looked here to solve one problem i had but as soon as the window opened I figured it out. I confess that the whole make of this game reminds me of the movie Wall*E and the puzzles make me think of the MYST series. Very cute game. Little Wheel walkthrough
Little Wheel walkthrough by Prid13

Casualty walkthrough | Causality walkthrough

Many people misspelled the point and click game Causality. Well maybe because this game is indeed a 'casualty' game. I mean how many stick figures can be killed? Actually not too many. There are only three levels, still Causality provides fun for casual players.

Here is a video of Casualty walkthrough | Causality walkthrough

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Bari Silvestre

Kourtney Kardashian pregnant

Kourtney Kardashian pregnant? What could be the perfect name for her baby? Imani Kardashian? Nicole Kardashian? Chanel Kardashian? Kimiko Milan Kardashian? Apple Kardashian? Prada Kardashian? Nuff said!
Let us just watch Kourtney Kardashian pregnant news video on E!

Best Buy 9.99 TV Samsung LN52a650

Samsung LN52a650
Will we all have the right to complain if we've bought a thousand units of Best Buy 9.99 TV Samsung LN52a650 and it didn't arrive? No we don't. They have a policy on such typo errors as seen on

Errors on Our Site
Prices and availability of products and services are subject to change without notice. Errors will be corrected where discovered, and Best Buy reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions including after an order has been submitted and whether or not the order has been confirmed and your credit card charged. If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase and your order is cancelled, Best Buy will issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount of the charge. Individual bank policies will dictate when this amount is credited to your account. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you may return it in accordance with Best Buy's Return Policy.

Best Buy 9.99 TV Samsung LN52a650

230 8-11

Have you seen the curious 230 8-11 commercial? If you haven't here's the video from youtube.
230 8-11 commercial

I just started getting hit with this commercial today August 11, 2009, GM's announcement date. For one hour I was hyped up on the bandwagon while everyone else seen it for a week. Just shows I'm the last to know whats up. Im curious to see where this new car is going to take us. Sounds pretty nice.

Chevy Volt, 230 MPG (miles per gallon)!. General Motors has started this little viral campaign on the social media network to try and build buzz around their announcement on Aug. 11, 2008 that they have successful gotten their new hybrid technology to a new high water mark in terms of gasoline consumption.

10A432 torrent

Would you like to download the latest Geekbench build 10A432 torrent? Or better yet a direct link to build 10A432 download? Read Geekbench 10a432.

Online Surveys for Money

Do Online Surveys for Money really pay? I remember once joining Pay Per Click programs but that's another story. Have you heard or been victimize by taketheglobe? Let's just say, they are like the fly-by-night companies of the internet. Last time I checked I saw this message from their forum. 'WARNING About this program. The owner have sent a message for his members to donate money to him so that he could pay his hosting bill.'

And then the next day poof! Taketheglobe site is gone! From going to 'updating status' to totally inaccesible.

I would like to know the story on Online Surveys for Money however. Any comments?

Date with Naomi walkthrough

Although Date with Naomi is short, it will still provide fun for casual players. Warning though, this is an 18 year old plus game. Also don't be so tough on your mouse, your hands may get stiff, but still fun if you get through the terrible gameplay. It features high quality 3d renders as well. Get your joystick ready! No pun intended.Date with Naomi walkthrough, view full walkthrough here.

Kohls coupon codes August 2009

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Michaels printable coupon August 2009

We've got four (4) Michaels printable coupons for you to use until the end of August 2009! Get 50% off any one regular-price item, 25% off regular and sale on Tabletop & Wall Frames, 20% off entire regular price purchase (sales excluded), and 25% off ribbon! Click to open in full printable coupon size.

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Abebooks coupon August 2009

Here are the available coupon links for Abebooks valid for a limited time since August 1st of 2009.

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Karen Cunagin Sypher

Rick Pitino admits to s-e-x-u-a-l relationship with Karen Cunagin Sypher that happened with consent on August 1, 2003. Here are Karen Cunagin Sypher photos | Karen Sypher pictures
Who is Rick Pitino? Rick Pitino is the coach of University of Louisville men’s basketball.

Cash for Clunkers Toyota

Cash for Clunkers Toyota qualifying cars
* Avalon
* Camry
* Camry Hybrid
* Corolla
* FJ Cruiser
* Highlander
* Highlander Hybrid
* Matrix
* Prius
* Sienna
* Solara
* RAV4
* Tacoma
* Tundra
* Yaris
* 4Runner

* tC
* xB
* xD

* ES 350
* GS 350
* IS 250/C
* RX 350
* RX 450h

Qualifying Cash for Clunkers Toyota Family Vehicles

Choose among 17 available Toyota car, truck, SUV and hybrid models, five available Lexus models, or select from Scion's full lineup of vehicles. Learn more about each of the 25 Cash For Clunkers Qualifying Toyota Family Vehicles list.

Meteor Shower August 2009

I never saw Meteor Shower before, and I am a bit confused. I'll check the sky and look over north east best view would be with out lights preferably in country side iam n scotland an partly cloudy none spotted yet but will wait up for wee bit longer till maybe dawn breaks.
Good thing I also saw this Meteor Shower August 2009 video from youtube.

This meteor shower gets the name "Perseids" because it appears to radiate from the constellation Perseus. An observer in the Northern Hemisphere can start seeing Perseid meteors as early as July 23, when one meteor every hour or so could be visible. During the next three weeks, there is a slow build-up. It is possible to spot five Perseids per hour at the beginning of August and perhaps 15 per hour by August 10. The Perseids rapidly increase to a peak of 50-80 meteors per hour by the night of August 12/13 and then rapidly decline to about 10 per hour by August 15. The last night meteors are likely to be seen from this meteor shower is August 22, when an observer might see a Perseid every hour or so.

For observers in the Southern Hemisphere, the Perseid radiant never climbs above the horizon, which will considerably reduce the number of Perseid meteors you are likely to see. Nevertheless, on the night of maximum, it is possible to see 10-15 meteors per hour coming up from the northern horizon.


Hillary Clinton angry video

Oh please! After hearing about this all day I finally see the Hillary Clinton angry video and you can HARDLY say Hillary "lost her temper" or got "angry" by any means. I'm not even a fan of Hillary, but to make a big hype out of this mild irritation is just dishonest BS. She got a little irritated and everyone freaks out that she "went off" and "lost her temper". Give me a break. She has the right to do that you know, just as everyone in the world does when they are asked rude questions, or perceive them to be rude.

The question was very insulting to the secretary of state and demeaning to women. But she should have been more diplomatic in her non-reply. I bet she regrets it.
Watch Hillary Clinton angry video

Geekbench 10a432

I found this following information on Geekbench 10a432, hope this helps my fellow Mac users.

Submitted on August 10 2009 (25 minutes ago) by slashgear

Chart performance of similar systems
Section Description Score Geekbench Score
Geekbench 2.1.2 for Mac OS X x86 (32-bit)
Integer Processor integer performance 3210 3884
Floating Point Processor floating point performance 5827
Memory Memory performance 2701
Stream Memory bandwidth performance 1814
System Information
Operating System Mac OS X 10.6 (Build 10A432)
Model MacBookPro5,3 Motherboard Apple Inc. Mac-F22587C8
Processor Intel Core2 Duo T9600 Processor ID GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processors 1 Cores 2
Processor Frequency 2.80 GHz Bus Frequency 1.06 GHz
L1 Instruction Cache 32.0 KB L1 Data Cache 32.0 KB
L2 Cache 6.00 MB L3 Cache 0.00 B
Memory 4.00 GB Memory Type 1067 MHz DDR3
BIOS Apple Inc. MBP53.88Z.00AC.B03.0906151647
Integer Performance
Integer 3210
single-threaded scalar 1958
86.0 MB/sec

multi-threaded scalar 4127
169.1 MB/sec

Text Compress
single-threaded scalar 2169
6.94 MB/sec

Text Compress
multi-threaded scalar 4182
13.7 MB/sec

Text Decompress
single-threaded scalar 1958
8.05 MB/sec

Text Decompress
multi-threaded scalar 3934
15.7 MB/sec

Image Compress
single-threaded scalar 1979
16.3 Mpixels/sec

Image Compress
multi-threaded scalar 3865
32.5 Mpixels/sec

Image Decompress
single-threaded scalar 1763
29.6 Mpixels/sec

Image Decompress
multi-threaded scalar 3485
56.9 Mpixels/sec

single-threaded scalar 3088
1.19 Mnodes/sec

multi-threaded scalar 6015
2.31 Mnodes/sec

Floating Point Performance
Floating Point 5827
single-threaded scalar 2076
1.38 Gflops

multi-threaded scalar 4174
2.73 Gflops

Dot Product
single-threaded scalar 3805
1.84 Gflops

Dot Product
multi-threaded scalar 8009
3.65 Gflops

Dot Product
single-threaded vector 3047
3.65 Gflops

Dot Product
multi-threaded vector 6947
7.23 Gflops

LU Decomposition
single-threaded scalar 830
739.1 Mflops

LU Decomposition
multi-threaded scalar 1610
1.41 Gflops

Primality Test
single-threaded scalar 4577
683.6 Mflops

Primality Test
multi-threaded scalar 7075
1.31 Gflops

Sharpen Image
single-threaded scalar 5836
13.6 Mpixels/sec

Sharpen Image
multi-threaded scalar 11662
26.9 Mpixels/sec

Blur Image
single-threaded scalar 7330
5.80 Mpixels/sec

Blur Image
multi-threaded scalar 14603
11.5 Mpixels/sec

Memory Performance
Memory 2701
Read Sequential
single-threaded scalar 3461
4.24 GB/sec

Write Sequential
single-threaded scalar 2730
1.87 GB/sec

Stdlib Allocate
single-threaded scalar 2375
8.87 Mallocs/sec

Stdlib Write
single-threaded scalar 2454
5.08 GB/sec

Stdlib Copy
single-threaded scalar 2485
2.56 GB/sec

Stream Performance
Stream 1814
Stream Copy
single-threaded scalar 1788
2.45 GB/sec

Stream Copy
single-threaded vector 1987
2.58 GB/sec

Stream Scale
single-threaded scalar 1929
2.50 GB/sec

Stream Scale
single-threaded vector 1810
2.44 GB/sec

Stream Add
single-threaded scalar 1721
2.60 GB/sec

Stream Add
single-threaded vector 1899
2.64 GB/sec

Stream Triad
single-threaded scalar 1899
2.62 GB/sec

Stream Triad
single-threaded vector 1481
2.77 GB/sec

GM Chevy Volt Electric Car mpg msrp cost

GM Chevy Volt Electric Car mpg msrp cost
When I see these words I can't help but think of the robots movie. There was one car there a GM Chevy Volt Electric Car. So a quick post on the GM Chevy Volt Electric Car, its mpg, availability and msrp cost. The autocar has 230 MPG running in the city, and it will be available in 2010. Although you can snag one of the four GM chevy volt prototypes on ebay.

Joe Budden Escape Route download

Joe Budden is gonna release Escape Route Album soon. Full Joe Budden Escape Route download should be available soon on Itunes or Amazon. Sounds Mad Hot!
Jump Off Joe Beezy! Let's Keep Supportin Real Hip Hop! Cop Anythin Joe Budden. I have heard about the album release date will be on August 11, 2009 although on digital release only. These hot songs sound likes its fire wen it coming out.

Here are streaming snippets of Joe Budden Escape Route.

God Wears Gucci lyrics

God Wears Gucci lyrics Bless the Fall

Take cover, run for your life, 'cus I'd rather die than learn to get away, (get away from me!)
Run! Take cover! and save yourself! don't cry, you'll be going under..
Fall to your knees, that's what you told me, I cannot believe,
When you lied to my face, It's nothing ordinary..
This is going too far, you've let them in on your secrets,
And I follow in, and now the best part is over, I hope you save all your change
You think you've fooled us with your first impression,
You think it's working but you won't change me,
Fall to your knees, that's what you told me, I cannot believe
When you lied to my face, it's nothing ordinary..(repeat and fade)

(fall to your knees, lie to my face)

Your time is running out, you shoulda known better, only you can save yourself,
but you won't remember,

Your time is running out! you shoulda known better, only you can save you now! but you won't remember,
your time is running out, you shoulda known better, only you can save you now! but you won't remember!
(but you won't remember, you shoulda known better, so who is gonna save you now?)

If you find errors in this God Wears Gucci lyrics please notify us.

Watch Weeds season 5 episode 10, Weeds s05e10

I still like Weeds, it's ok after 5 seasons. When I watch tv, which isn't often, I watch this show since it comes with basic. The rule of a story is that you need to be in love with the protaganist and that doesn't happen here - Nancy is simply too vacuous and indiscrimate to identify with yet somehow she slips away from it all (or else no story). She loves her sons, which is suposedly why she does all she does, and manages to keep them safe somehow but there's nothing in her to like.

Perra Insano is the title of Weeds season 5 episode 10 Weeds s05e10

Weeds season 5 episode 10 summary: With the arrival of new enemies, Shane and Silas needs Nancy's protection. Meanwhile, Andy plans his future with Audra, while Doug and Dean make a plan to put an end to Celia's marijuana business.
Watch Weeds season 5 episode 10 promo

Watch Make It or Break It episode 8

I really like this episode so far, I just really miss Razor because this Damon dude is such a bad friend, that it just makes me want to die.

Make It or Break It episode 8 summary: All's Fair In Love, War and Gymnastics
With everyone gearing up for Nationals, the pressure is on at The Rock. To celebrate, the Cruz family is hosting the Nationals send-off party where, it turns out, everyone has his/her own agenda. Still dealing with her back pain, Payson decides to take a fellow gymnast up on his offer for some anti-inflammatory medicine behind her Mom's back. Summer plays a new card in her relationship with Lauren to see if she could finally turn things around. Lauren, on the other hand, has decided to make her final move to break up Carter and Kaylie for good, with explosive results. But with all the drama going down at the party, what should be a fun event turns out to be something very different.

Meanwhile, Chloe is struggling to make ends meet, but refuses to let Emily know of their latest financial struggles.

Im Falling Apart Barely Breathing lyrics

This song with Im Falling Apart Barely Breathing lyrics is awesome. The actual title is Broken by Lifehouse.

Im Falling Apart Barely Breathing lyrics
The broken clock is a comfort, it helps me sleep tonight
Maybe it can stop tomorrow from stealing all my time
I am here still waiting though i still have my doubts
I am damaged at best, like you've already figured out

I'm falling apart, I'm barely breathing
With a broken heart that's still beating
In the pain there is healing
In your name I find meaning
So I'm holdin' on, I'm holdin' on, I'm holdin' on
I'm barely holdin' on to you

The broken locks were a warning you got inside my head
I tried my best to be guarded, I'm an open book instead
I still see your reflection inside of my eyes
That are looking for a purpose, they're still looking for life

I'm falling apart, I'm barely breathing
with a broken heart that's still beating
In the pain there is healing
In your name I find meaning
So I'm holdin' on, I'm holdin' on, I'm holdin' on
I'm barely holdin' on to you

I'm hangin' on another day
Just to see what you will throw my way
And I'm hanging on to the words you say
You said that I will be ok

The broken lights on the freeway left me here alone
I may have lost my way now, haven't forgotten my way home

Watch Army Wives full episodes online

Are you itching to watch Army Wives full episodes online? You have missed alot don't you? Fret not, ABC's got them for you to watch Army Wives full episodes online. Before you head to it though, be sure to watch how the cast have fun on the shooting of Army Wives.
I love the bloopers, really cracks me up! Well, does anyone notice Catherine and Kim seem to into kissing one another. Wish there's something going on with Claudia Joy and Denise but that'll be just a hope. But you can't deny the chemistry amongs them.

Keyshia Cole shaved head | Keyshia Cole new haircut

Keyshia Cole shaved head | Keyshia Cole new haircut
I agree that shaving your head on one or both sides is not for everyone, but I like Solange's hair like it is now. I think she looks better. I'm probably the only person in the world who thinks her new look suites her and is nice, but that's just my opinion. Keyshia Cole shaved head? It is way much better and stylish. Keyshia Cole new haircut is cute, it's really cute and it do work for her.
Here are Keyshia Cole shaved head photos | Keyshia Cole new haircut pictures

Miniature Muntjac

Are Miniature Muntjac the world s smallest deer? This Miniature Muntjac found in Woodforest National Bank, I think is a precious and cute and cudly and sweet and playful baby deer. I can hardly wait to eat one just like that! Although wild animals shouldn't be torn away from their mothers just to please some humans, I think Miniature Muntjac are better off in Woodforest National Bank. From what I've read about these Miniature Muntjac, they're very playful and enjoy this type of interaction with animals of the same size. Now if it was a huge dog, I'd see other people's concern.

Watch Miniature Muntjac video see some Miniature Muntjac pictures

Schadenfreude definition

It's today's topping term. What is Schadenfreude? Do you know the Schadenfreude definition? I found a cool video that makes learning a new word fun and also helps us in the Schadenfreude pronunciation. Vanessa Bezic hits the Santa Monica Pier in sunny California for today's "Word of the Day".

Kate Gosselin Today Show

Gosh that Kate Gosselin's family is so messed up. Why don't they take time out of the media and sort themselves up they're messing with those children, what's gonna happen when they are older and see what really went on? Although I support Kate Gosselin one hundred percent. I think she is the ONLY person (besides Jon) who knows what is best for her/their children. And in this Kate Gosselin Today Show appearance, I think people will stop judging her.
Watch Kate Gosselin Today Show youtube video
Kate Gosselin addresses rumors in a exclusive interview on the Today Show on August 10, 2009

At the Bottom lyrics Brand New

At the Bottom lyrics Brand New

I watched you throw out your bouquet
Now i think about you everyday
I'm alone now in my bed

And there's a lake
And at the bottom you'll find all our friends
They don't swim cause they're all dead
We never are what we intend, or invent
'Cause I make little lies and then I pull them apart
Think something dark's living down in my heart

And if I wanted to die before I got old
I should've started some years ago digging that hole
Well I carry this box to the proper place
And when I lower it down
I let it you fade away
I hope that you would do this for me
I'd serve you drugs on a silver plate
If I thought it would help you get away
I hope that you would do this for me

A deer that a hunter shot in the heart
Some dogs that got hit by cars
All came to spill their guts

And we spoke
About the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
And which songs we had loved the most
And then we all turned to dirt
And dust
Some men die under the mountain just looking for gold
Some die looking for a hand to hold

Well I carry this box to its proper place
And when I lower it down
I let you fade away
I know that you would do this for me
I'd serve you drugs on a silver plate
If I thought it would help you get away
I hope that you would do this for me

I'm slowly bringing you down from the Heavenly gates
Now I'm drowning in the flood I made
Well explain myself to me on the other side
I'll watch from Heaven when I die

Well I carry this box to the proper place
And when I lower it down
I let you fade away
I know that you would do this for me
I'd serve you drugs on a silver plate
If I thought it would help you get away
I hope that you would do this for me

Something wrong with this At the Bottom lyrics Brand New
? Please tell us!

Willie Revillame suspended

Has there been confirmation of Willie Revillame suspended? I just saw this on google trends. I know there is an online petition against Willie. Numerous sites, blogs and youtube are flooded with comments on the latest Willie scandalous act. But no power has laid hands on the host.
Do you want Revillame suspended? Here's the latest news video about the hype, Willie Revillame suspended

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