Itunes error 5002 Fix | Help itunes error 5002

Have you encountered itunes error 5002 when purchasing a song or attempting to access your cart? The exact message is "Could not purchase 'Name of the song I was downloading.' An unknown error occured (5002)." Here are some ways to fix itunes error 5002, directly from the Apple site.

If you've got apps in your library, delete any that have just a black icon. This should solve the 5002 error and then you can download the deleted apps again for free.
Also, do a re-installation with Pacifist 2.5.2. As a result, you can see your iTunes cart with my all your selections still in it. However, you cannot add anything to the cart. So make a snapshot of your cart for recreation later and delete everything in it. After so doing you can now add items to the cart and all functionality will return!

Kristen Stewart new haircut photo

Jeez, last time Robert Pattinson got a new haircut and it was such a buzz. Now it's Kristen Stewart new haircut! They've already collaborated on the upcoming New Moon flick, and yesterday (June 8) Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning were spotted working together on another project.

New Moons Bella Swan, Kristen Stewart, has a new shorter haircut for her new project The Runaways where she will play legendary rocker Joan Jett.

The film is the first full length project by director Floria Sigismondi, who previously directed videos by Interpol, The White Stripes, Sigur Rós, Björk, David Bowie and Christina Aguilera.

Me and the Key walkthrough

This is a video walkthrough by tasselfoot beating Bart Bonte's game Me and the Key. It follows a style similar to Duck, Think Outside the Flock. A lot of fun!
Special notes:
At level 25 there is a glitch and the ball would only go up and down not side to side so I just had to sit down and wait for it to get to 0 it was awesome. Also at Level 25, get the ball positioned to go from paddle to paddle back and forth like oher people. That's the ultimate easy way to beat 25.

For level 24: Start in the down left corner, go up to the upper left corner and then right click. go over menu that pops up to the right. This way you don't have the follow the whole orange line.

The easyiest way to beat level 17 is press the balls from left to right or right to left thats wat i did and its way faster.

On level 19, you just right click in the game and click key. I was stuck on that before.

Now for the rest of the Me and the Key walkthrough:

Myxer free ringtones on and myxertones

Over view of a free ringtones website called You can download free ringtones, make your own free ringtones, and even share your ringtones on your own website. Check it out, it is very cool. If you did everything to get Myxer free ringtones and it keeps telling you on your phone "messege receive failed", then read on.

Watch Imagine That movie Streaming Online for Free

Imagine That Movie Eddie Murphy continues his family-friendly kick in Imagine That, a movie that'll prove surprisingly familiar to long-term students of Eddie's career. Eddie plays a financial executive who's somewhat down on his luck career-wise, until time spent playing pretend with his daughter leads him to discover innovative solutions and some strange precognitions.

The premise was interesting, but from the trailer it seems that the plot has been dumbed down to make it more obvious and add some silly jokes that kids would laugh at.

The Imagine That Movie Trailer is provided by Paramount Pictures.

Shi No Numa glitch

Shi No Numa or "Swamp of Death" has an interesting glitch involving Perk-A-Cola machine, Bouncing Betties, and Random Weapon Box. Here are the details on how to activate Shi No Numa glitch in Call of Duty (World at War)- New Nazi Zombies Glitch for Verrukt, multiple guns. On some versions though, Shi No Numa patched it. But its more fun without it because in Shi No Numa there is so many good guns.

This a video of KILLA WES outside the Shin No Numa on Nazi Zombies map pack 2. He already hit Number 1 in the world previously to this video with 4100 rounds. All of this is done Xbox 360. Please visit for more hints and glitches on Call of duty WAW and Call of duty 4.

The Taking of Pelham 123 review, Watch The Taking of Pelham 123 Streaming Online

I think Denzel's weight was more of an observation then a complaint, but I think they have to be kind of picky to be critics, and maybe his head movements was just an observation as well, or maybe it gets annoying. Denzel Washington, fantastic actor, but this movie I am not interested in watching it. Here's a nice review of The Taking of Pelham 123. Watch.

What did David Letterman say about Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin Yes she is 14 years old. So when did it become OK to go after a politician's daughter? Are Obama's kids fair game? Do you have any daughters? Would you let some 62 year old man make crude sexual jokes about them and not respond? I'd be whipping some 62 year old man's perverted ass. If you say you wouldnt care, you're a liar. So, what did David Letterman say about Bristol Palin? Watch.

Anyway, David Letterman apologizes to Sarah Palin.

Beccah Beushausen Fake pregnancy

Faking your face tattoos maybe entertaining, but Beccah Beushausen faking her pregnancy is something many will criticize. Beushausen, a social worker created a sad hoax which mislead her followers in her blog believing she was pregnant with little April Rose.
Beccah Beushausen was unamarried mother, and this may affect her mental health. Among those fooled has prayed for, created prayer list, bought and created campaign items, and gave gifts to POBox in Oak Lawn for support. Did she do this for money or attention? Her ads should keep her funded with those 1 million hits!

Conjoined Twin Myslexia photos videos

If South Park brought you here, then I thank Matt Parker. Weird are you watching south park? I posted this because I was watching South Park and the episode was about conjoined twin that's why.
As far as I know,
There has been a case where a newborn was born with a parasitic twin attached to her head. There is another case where Lori and Reba Schappell are connected at the head.

Harpers Island Season 1 Episode 9, Harpers Island s01e09

Harpers Island s01e09 was a great episode. I love in canada, so I seen it early
it was the best one yet, just amazing, so many twists, the writer is a genious!
I just realized Jimmy was with Abby during Cole and Charlie's visit, which means he couldn't have killed Cole because he was with Abby when he was murdered lol
We finaly have a reason to support our "Jimmy is NOT the killer claim".
Also, Abby went to Jimmy's place at night, and the killer was trying to drown Trish in the pool. Then he was also with Abby, when the killer was attacking with arrows,
So was the killer not Jimmy?

Shi No Numa Strategy, Shi No Numa Walkthrough

Found this on gamespot, your strategy guide to Call of Duty Map Pack 2 Shi No Numa.

They posted a very simple strategy:

1. Open the stairs only - then go next door and have 2 on the windows and 2 on stairs.

2. When possibly open the zipline door and activate it, as well as buy bouncing betties.

3. Put betties all along the top of the zipline area - these are for the dogs on level 5/10/15/20

4. Make sure you prioritise getting the Juggernaut and Quick Revive, followed by Quick Reload and then Double Tap.

5. When possible activate the flogging trap and run back up the stairs as a new round starts. This should keep the pressure off you.

You can get up to Level 18 with two friends, just be careful of the zipline to get to another area for it could get worse.

We Be Steady Mobbin lyrics

We Be Steady Mobbin lyrics
*UPDATE! Lil Wayne ft Gucci Mane - " We Be Steady Mobbin' " (New June 2009!) Lyrics below after this old lyrics <skip to it>
(c’mon g)
[jd] police, eat a d-ck straight up
Look here you little God damn nigger, your not gafflin nobody
You f-ckin understand me
(kick his ass)
That’s right, get down on the God damn ground now
f-ckin move now
(let me take a shot at him)
We’re gonna do you like king
[jd] what God damn king
Rodney king, martin luther king
And all the other God damn king’s from africa
[jd] look out motherf-cker
*gun shots*

[ice cube]
God damn, the bigger the cap the bigger the peelin
And when dealin with the lench mob you gots to know
Steady mobbin is not just the name of this jam, but a way of life
Bound together by motherf-ckers that’s known
To break em off somethin, give it to me

Four or five niggaz in a mothership
Better known as a goose and we all wanna smother s-it
Bent, front and back glass got tint
Tryin to get our hands on some dollars and cents
And fools can’t hold us
Every chance we get, we hittin up the rollers
Comin up short of the green guys
And I might start slangin bean pies
Or the bootleg t-shirt of the month
With "u can’t touch this" on the front
I’m bout to get rich
Cause life ain’t nuttin but money and f-ck a b-tch
They drop like dominoes
And if you didn’t know, ice cube got drama hoes
So after the screwin
I bust a nut and get up and put on my white ewings
I’m out the do’
All you might get is a rubber on the floor
Cause I’m ready to hit the road like mario andretti
b-tch, cause I’m steady mobbin

Bustin caps in the mix
Rather be judged by twelve than carried by six
Cause I’m gettin major
f-ck pac tel, move to sky pager
Told all my friends
Don’t drink 8 ball, cause st. ide’s is givin ends
Fools get drunk and wanna compete
Slapboxin in the street
Niggaz get mad, tempers are flarin
Cause they got a few b-tches starin
Just for the nappy heads
But scandalous b-tches, make for happy feds
I’m making my duty to cuss em
Out, cause I just don’t trust em
And if you tell on me I’m bombin on betty
b-tch shoulda known I was steady mobbin

Since one-time so hot
Got me a stash spot in my hooptie for the glock
And I’m rollin on rims
Eating soul food, and neckbones from m&m’s
Grumblin like a motherf-cker
Greasy-ass lips, now I gots to take a s-it
Saw sir jinx bailin’
When I hit a lefton ruth ellon, ’whattup loc? ’
Don’t you know that niggaz get smoked
That take they life for a joke, get in nigga
I take you to the pad zoom
Went to mom’s house and dropped a load in the bathroom
Jumped back in my low rider
Comin out feelin about ten pounds lighter
Went to bone’s house so I can get the gat
Looking for the place where all the hoes kick it at
Lench mob ain’t nuttin but tramps
But hoes lickin us like stamps
One fool brought the music for the yams
But ice cube had more amps, get in b-tch
Cause I had the jam on
And I don’t want to hear s-it about a tampon
Give me the nappy and make me happy
The hoe said ’pappy could you slap me
On the ass hard and fast
And could please try not to leave a gash? ’
I said yeah, but I don’t play s-x
When I’m putting on the latex
Slipped on the condom
f-cked around and dropped the bomb son
And it came out sort of like confetti
In for the night, no longer steady mobbin

Lil Wayne ft Gucci Mane - " We Be Steady Mobbin' " (New June 2009!) Lyrics

(Lil Wayne)
Man f*ck these ni*gas
I’ma spare everything but these nig*as
I’ma hit the gun and gon fu*k these nig*as
take the knife off the AK and cut these nig*as
yeaah, and fu*k these bitches, I swear I care about everything but these bitches, I don’t care, I “so what” these bitches and I put young mula baby way above these bitches,
if it ain’t broke don’t break it and if he ain’t shook I’m gon shake him, I hope I don’t look weak cos when a wolf cry wolf, you still see that wolf teeth muthafu*kaa.

futuristic handgun, if you act foul you get 2 shots AND 1, I’m at your face like Lancome, hehe, you nig*as softer than Rosanne son. hey, cannot reach me on my Samsung, I’m busy fu*king the World and giving the Universe my damn tongue, crazy muthfu*ker I am one, but the crazy things is, I began one, all white bricks, I’m straight like its jumping back to 36 nig*a, big house, long hallways, got 10 bathrooms I can shit all day nig*a,


And we don’t want no problems, ok your a goon, whats a goon to a goblin, yeah, Kane on the beat, I fuck around and leave a nig*as brains on the street, now pop dat pu*sy, I bring her to my bedroom and pop dat pu*sy, ah ha and we be steady mobbin, oh kimosabe, big ballin is my hobby.

(Gucci Mane)

What the fu*k is up, it’s gucci leather jean, dats titty boy not diddy boy from scar city to city boy, so icey, so no nike, just gucci, louie, prada, ’scuse me gucci nike shittin on me, why dat boy keep buying jewles, east atlanta cockin hammers bandanas on car antennas, no we do not talk to strangers just cut off these nig*as fingers, gucci’s armed and dangerous cocaine codeine and angel dust, this ak-47 will hit you anywhere from the ankle up, this that sounds of nia long, clip long as a pringle stack, 45 desert eagle on me you’ll think ima eagles fan, tony brushed the sniper rifle make him never breathe again, fuck that nig*a kill that nig*a bring him back kill him again GUCCI

(Lil Wayne)
Th-Th-Th- The money is da motive, fu*k with da money it get ugly as coyote, ok I’m reloaded, better pull it if you tote it, I buy a pound, break it down and put it in a stogie. Swagga so bright I don’t even need light, I’m with a model broad she don’t even need rice, but would you believe it she dice and she asked me for a pitcher so I gave her 3 strikes.

I’m da man around this muthafucker, I’m so hot you probably catch a tan around this muthfu*ker, this rap game I got my hand around this muthfu*ker, yeah I said game but I ain’t playing around this muthafu*ker. yeah I’m da best to ever do it bitch, and you the best at never doing shit, if you da shit then, I m sewer rich, tr try me I’ll have your people reading eulogies. I swear you can’t fuck with me, but I can fuck your girl and make her nuff for me thats left for me then kill for me, than steal for me and of course it’ll be your cash, then I’ll murder da bitch and send her body bag back to your ass.


ahh, man suck my clip, swallow my bullets and don’t you spit errrrrr, I am da hip hop socialist, life is a gamble and I’m all about my poker chips, do you want a dose of this I will make da most of this, F is for ferociest, murder your associates, the top is so appropriate, this is just where I belong, keep a hard dick for your girlfriend to wobble on, weezy.


Chad Johnson Face Tattoo: Fake!

Chad Johnson or Chad Ochocinco of Cincinnati Bengals posted pictures of his face tattos (on his right cheekbone are two crosses,on his left cheekbone is a map of Florida and on his nose the letters, “OC,”) Chad Johnson affirmed on twitter where he played the joke, he had no tattos on his face. “The entire twitt world and media outlets got punked, that was my twitt joke from yesterday, they follow I’ll have fun with it. My grandma would kill me if I had damn facial tatts!!! Fun while it lasted, back to normal, I felt different to.” Follow him on twitter at OGOchoCinco.

Jamie Czerniawski Wife Swap Contestant Stabs Charles

Jamie Czerniawski Wife Swap contestant was accused of stabbing her husband with a kitchen knife. Charles suffered major injuries in his right arm. Jamie Czerniawski's defense was she did that to protect herself from Charles' threats, who was furious jealous over a phone call. "If I didn't do it, I would've been dead."

Jamie was arrested on charges of aggrevated assault but is now out on a $75,000 bail.
I remember this couple from Wife Swap and Charles did everything, from getting kids ready for school while she lay in the bed, cook, clean, work. Charles had to juggle multiple jobs so they can live lavish while Jamie Czerniawski lays in bed all day long!

Araw ng Kalayaan

Google paid tribute to our special day, Araw ng Kalayaan and so are we. From flags all over the streets and vehicles, to TV ads. But, are we truly free? Yes we are, just look at the news. Our communication and freedom to express are not tied by any supreme authority. We are however not free from economic distress and political corruption. Someday however we will truly celebrate a dignified and relevant "Araw ng Kalayaan". Mabuhay Filipinos!

Alessandra Giangrande and Johnny Palermo dies in car accident

"Everybody Hates Chris" actor Johnny Palermo and his girlfriend Alessandra Giangrande died today due to a car accident at North Hollywood, California. Along with the couple is Giangrande’s brother. Cause of why their car crashed and details are not yet confirmed. I never saw the show but that is a real pity! Another tragic loss!

Here are Alessandra Giangrande and Johnny Palermo photos:

Megan Fox thumbs photo

Megan Fox is undeniably hot, her role on Transformers 1 and its sequel put her in a rough chic sexiness that got us drooling. Even with HD though, I didn't see this. Her poster mocked as the next Wonder Woman didn't also glamorized this part of her. Until this.
So what's wrong with Megan Fox thumb? This wasn't photoshopped I'm sure. Reason could be an accident or inborn?

So You Think You Can Dance season 5 episode 6, SYTYCD s05e06

SYTYCD Season 5 Episode 6 - Jeanine & Phillip performance TOP 20 // S05E06 June 10 2009
That was nice and genuine. Jenine looks like a cross between Denise Richards and Adrianna Lima. She's hot. More about Jeanine & Phillip tandem: They got their hip hop choreography from Tabitha and Napoleon. They were offered a routine about a couple that couldn't go to sleep without resolving some issues. Adam called it "un-freakin'-real." He acknowledged Jeanine's lack of hip-hop experience and said she held her own with Phillip, a popper. He said "no one will dance like" Phillip. Mary said she hates to disagree with Adam, then squealed, "But I'm not going to!" She said she was worried about the chemistry, but they taught everyone a chemistry lesson. Nigel said Phillip already had a following, but Jeanine had slipped under the radar. "I think, Jeanine, you have made a real mark."

Anxious about the new SYTYCD episode? Watch So You Think You Can Dance season 5 episode 6, SYTYCD s05e06

Secret Dreams 2 walkthrough

I'm curious about this game, Secret Dreams 2. Just finding the game to play is hard enough, so who could possibly create a walkthrough for Secret Dreams 2? Well it's adult so maybe that's why. I'll do my best. Possible title posts would be secret dreams 2"+walkthrough · secret dream cheat sheet/walk through · game secret dreams · secret dreams walkthrough. Stay tuned!
Secret Dreams walkthrough now available view walkthrough here.

Wipeout contestant application

Do you want to be a contestant in the new ABC show "Wipeout," and win $50,000? From the guys who brought you Fear Factor, a new reality show is about to be shown on primetime from ABC.

Click here to proceed. Look for casting for the show Wipeout. Input your name, age, phone number, the city where you live, upload a photo of yourself, and tell something about yourself. Wait for an email reply from the staff to be considered, and there you will received your "Wipeout contestant application" or "creative application". This is where it gets tougher. Along with a photo, fill out this Wipeout application form and bring it to your interview schedule. 10 more questions to go and you're almost done. It's left for the producers' decision if you're up for the cut as Wipeout applicant. Hope for the best! Cheers!

Waconia Farm Supply Explosion News Report

This is just terrible. One was confirmed dead, Ryan Samuelson at the propane explosion at a farm in Waconia, Minnesota this Wednesday afternoon. The exact location, Waconia Farm Supply is located at 801 Highway 284. Authorities say the male employee was filling up a propane tank when something ignited. Among the victims was burned but not critical. He's in the hospital now. Firemen helped coming from different directions such as Waconia, Hamburg, Watertown, Victoria, and Colonge.

4500 Car Voucher

US House votes 298-119 to give $4500 voucher "Cash For Clunkers" when efficient new car purchased. A $4 Billion plan (wink wink). Trade in your gas guzzler to buy a new fuel efficient car and get a $4500 voucher from the Government:

Hmmm, with or without $4500 voucher I don't know anyone who can afford to buy new GM Obama car. Local Chev Dealer is now a used car lot service center. Just think the Gov't is thinking of giving me a voucher for $4500 for my gas gussler to buy a new car - I love this country! So anyone going to trade your guzzler car in for a $4500.00 voucher? Comment please.

Raymond Fuentes

This is one of those top trending keywords on google that I just need to find out and share. Raymond Fuentes sounds so much Filipino, and yes when you search for Raymond Fuentes with or without quotes you'll find facebook profile of a person located in the Philippines. Interesting is, there's nothing interesting about the profile! Hmm, I wish someday someone would search for my name! Please share how and why Raymond Fuentes has topped the trends? Who is Raymond Fuentes? | Acai Elite Get a Trial Acai Elite Now!

What's with Oprah? Her words are God's! I hope someday she could endorse for me, anyway Acai Elite promoted on Oprah Show was rated #1 Super food. Oprah has the following to say about Acai Elite:
"Studies have shown that this little Acai Berry is one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world."

Rush your order now! I's ending soon! Pay only shipping and handling of 5.95$ at

Mountain Dew Battle Bot

Aint that sweet? My favorite softdrink came up with my favorite game and created a character in my fave theme. Mountain Dew Battle Bot sounds cool. As the site mountaindewgamefuel says, Mountain Dew Game Fuel® and World of Warcraft® collide! Which flavor are you - Alliance Blue or Horde Red? Choose your side and let your taste buds battle!
Here's some videos of the speculated World of Warcraft Game Fuel Battle Bot. Awarded for taking place in a promotion for game fuel.
This is the speculated World of Warcraft Game Fuel Battle Bot. Awarded for taking place in a promotion for game fuel.

How to get 'em Mountain Dew Battle Bot?
WoW Mountain Dew Promo Battle-Bot Pet fight!

1) Go to the Mnt Dew site
2) Click on the Redeem Button (Bottom Right like you did to get the pet)
3) Change the "" in the url to.
4) "" (Just change the us, to eu)
5) then log in on the EU battlenet site, and choose your Fuel!

Nivea pregnant by Lil Wayne

Freddy O created the buzz."Last week my boy called to tell me that the one and only Nivea was about to have a baby. Yes, she’s pregnant you heard it first on I would like to be the first to send my congratulation to her and her baby daddy soon to be husband Wayne. The two is said to be marrying in the next few months. Hummmm I wonder about that. Wayne will also be having a child with the one and only Ms, Lauren London who is also pregnant by him . WOW…. I wonder what they said when they both found out about each other…"

Guess what? Nivea pregnant by Lil Wayne is true! It's a boy! Guess Lil Wayne can't help his blessings be shared to women and envied by men.

Will Ferrell Suntan Lotion

Believe it or not, Will Ferrell got stripped! Well for a good cause, Will Ferrell Suntan Lotion called "WILLPOWERED" were all labeed with him n-a-k-e-d. Proceeds go to survivor of cancers.

"I'm proud to be associated with a great charity, Cancer for College. Since 1993, my good friend Craig Pollard, who is a two-time cancer survivor, and Cancer for College, have helped hundreds of cancer survivors realize their dreams of a college education,"

Want to buy Will Ferrell Suntan Lotion? Where to buy Will Ferrell Suntan Lotion?

For $11.99 you get one 6 ounce bottle SPF 30 hypoallergenic sunscreen.

Adam Lambert in drag pictures

adam lamber, adam lambert in drag, adam lambert comes out, adam lambert rolling stone

So did Adam Lambert affirmed his sexuality in the issue of Rolling Stone?
Here's what he said, "I don't think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I'm gay. I'm proud of my sexuality. I embrace it. It's just another part of me. I'm trying to be a singer, not a civil rights leader."
"I was worried that [coming out] would be so sensationalized that it would overshadow what I was there to do, which was sing," Lambert adds "I'm an entertainer, and who I am and what I do in my personal life is a separate thing. it shouldn't matter. Except it does. It's really confusing."

Where are the pictures of Adam Lambert in drag kissing boys to confirm it?
Let's get entertained!

Rey Mysterio unmasked at Extreme Rules Video / Photo

Chris Jericho defeats Rey Mysterio and unmasks him! Wow! If Rey Mysterio is masked you will think that he is handsome but when he take off his masked he becames ugly. But no offence Rey. Since Rey doesn't really strap the bottom of his mask, so all Jericho really needed to do was grab onto it and pull.
The impact on this is something. The whole culture thing is all well and good but another reason Rey Mysterio wouldn't wrestle without a mask is cause then they would lose money cause the little kids wouldnt buy the masks or anything and all his merchindise stuff would be ruined cause all of his shirts and stuff have his mask or him in his mask.

Denise Richards Howard Stern interview

If you have watched Howard Stern interview on SIRIUS RADIO, you know what you're into. Denise Richards has one of the most revealing interviews of all time, discussing her relationships, sexual preferences, her family and a whole lot more.
I gotta say I expected her to be a ho-hum guest but she was GREAT. Denise Richards on Howard Stern interview won me over.Catch the rest of this in depth interview only on Howard TV.

What happened to Farmtown? Farmtown site on facebook | Farmtown Forum

Were you playing Farm Town and when you go check a status, it was gone? It said the link expired. So what happened to Farmtown?? It was one of the biggest Apps on Facebook, of course the answer is not inactivity. Others say due to copyright reasons. Many people are so mad in this so they searched in Farmtown site and farmtown forum. Here's what I got for apps farmtown:
A message from a farmtown fourm
FarmTown is currently unavailable. We are working with our hosting provider to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

While we wait for them to straighten their connectivity issues, let me share some of the upcoming changes.

We will be releasing the flowers in the next release. I know, we were supposed to launch these 2 weeks ago, but we decided to add some features to make it more fun.

Together with the flowers, there is a new tool (watering can), which will be used to ensure that flowers stay fresh and don't dry up.

We also have new animals, buildings, and much more.... All of this should be available before Monday, but then again, you all know how good we are with timelines...

Anyways, back to the app being down. Please bear with us a bit longer while the app comes back up online.

Watch Weeds Season 5 Episode 1, Weeds s05e01 torrent

Weeds Season 5 Episode 1. Wonderful, wonderful. This is the episode title of Weeds 5x21. Is somebody gonna call the police?! I love Weeds, and especially this. I miss her friendship with Heylia, they hate each other now.
Weeds is a comedy about a single mother who makes ends meet by selling marijuana in the fictional suburb of Agrestic, California. The series exposes the dirty little secrets that lie behind the pristine lawns and shiny closed doors of homes in the of this gated community. This is the tale of a suburban mom who resorts to selling weed to support her family. | Free Havaianas entry form

Are you looking for free Havaianas at on June 9, 2009 and you can't find the entry form?
You may try to go to
for the entry form, but it will send you directly to the homepage!

All I can think of is it's not June 9, 2009 yet so you may try at this date. I'm gonna try back at 12:01 my time, right now it's 9:30 but it IS 12:30 ET...

Do you know of some other way? Please tell us if you find another way,or if it works for you!

Plenty of Fish server down, plenttyoffish login

The site plenttyoffish down and might be currently experiencing difficulties today June 19, 2009 due to the fact that it's ran by a one-man team. Are you surprised? Markus Frind, the creator of plenty of says,
"The site ( and serves ~500 million pageviews a month and does so using 1 DB server and 1 Web Server which is a far cry from the industry standard of 300+ servers for a site of this size."

So in a while, we might be enjoying the site once again to full condition. Let's just hope Markus isn't out of town as he mostly do with the money he earns with the site!

Stephen Colbert shaved head

General Ray Odierno gave Stephen Colbert his unforgettable time in Iraq by giving him a shed head, ordered by President Obama.
Complete in full military uniform, Stephen Colbert was enthusiastic as seen in this picture while given the G.I. style treatment.. He went to Iraq to film of The Colbert Report episodes on Sadam Hussein's former Al Faw Palace.

Thairath Carradine Death Photos Hanging Body

Thai have lost their decency in media publishing. Posting the photo of a dead man at his most inconvenient pose it is unethical. Thairath Carradine Death Photos can be seen here. Even though Thai Rath website didnt post any photos, the prints were published. Others though say that ThaiRath photos were fake. How could this be reverted? Carradine family were so upset with Thairath.

David Carradine hanging photo, David Carradine death picture

Thai newspaper posted David Carradine hanging photo, David Carradine death picture and here are the David Carradine hanging photo, David Carradine death picture. Although of course by the description, it's totally unethical, shameful and unpractical to post it online. Let's just use our imagination on this one according to police, then we can see how disgusting our desire to see David Carradine carcass is.
The shocking published photo shows David Carradine with his hands tied in front of him around his neck and genitals, hanging from the support bar in a closet. Tattoos on the lower half of his nude body can be seen.
photo source:
Discoloration of the skin on the lower extremities indicates he had been dead for hours before being found, according to people familiar with the situation.

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