RA Escape walkthrough

RA Escape walkthrough
RA Escape or R.A. is the latest japanese point and click room escape game from Utigawa. The simple yet complex style of gameplay may only come from a guy like Utigawa in Japan. Solve puzzles, discover clues and use them accordingly with items that you will find. Play free game here

RA Escape walkthrough

move up, get T tool
move down, use T tool on triangle plate. Use T tool on black hole center of four holes and get black cube.
move down, right, put black cube in left center white cube
move left, up, get T tool and put it on R slot. Click once to activate then take it back to inventory.
move down, right. take black cube. put black cube in left lower white cube
move left and get white cube
move right and put white cube on 4 holes. take black cube and put on white cube near up arrow (beside 'o' white cube)
move up, place triangle plate on 4 holes. notice pattern on floor.
move up, looking at the patterns on this floor and the previous one, click the pillars in this sequence. 241331
move down twice, get black cube. put in the rightmost lower white cube.
move right, and notice the white cube pulling a block cube on the screen next to this.
move left, back to white cubes floor. take black cube and put it on right center white cube.
move right then up. get key.
move down then left, back to white cubes floor. put black cube on 'o' white cube and notice the path. take the black cube and place it on rightmost top white cube.
move left, up, up. to where you got the T tool.
move down, down, right, right, up, left, up, right. place key on hole
move left then down twice, back to white cubes floor.put black cube to lower center white cube (where the four holes were before the white cube was placed.)
the center square will rise up. put the T tool in the hole, then the black square on the slot.
move up and exit through the door.

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