Andy - Ancient Temple walkthrough

Andy - Ancient Temple walkthrough
Andy - Ancient Temple is another point and click adventure game from Flonga. Help Andy retrieve the ancient scroll in the ancient temple that is hidden deep in the mountains. Play free game here

Andy - Ancient Temple walkthrough

• Start by reading the information: “Welcome Andy! The sacred ancient scroll is hidden deep inside this Ancient Temple. Here is a map to help you navigate the Temple. We are counting on you! Good luck!”
• Click your map and then click it again to keep it out while walking around.
• Move forward; click the door on the right to open the door.
• Move right and then open the door leading forward and then move forward.
• There is a red keyhole on the door to the right.
• Move back and take the red key that is on the table. Turn around and unlock the door with the red key.
• Enter through the door. Check the scroll on the table which holds a clue. The clue will be added to your notepad.
• Move forward and then turn left, forward, forward.
• This room has a bunch of lanterns hanging from the ceiling, use your whip to get the key that is attached to one of them.
• Turn around, head, up, up, right, up, right, up, up
• Check the scroll, it is blank, if you look close at the bottom left there is a corner that will lift to reveal an item.
• Move forward and unlock the door with the black key. Before entering this room go back and look at the red clue on the book case. Then go back and go through the door you just unlocked.
• Click on the painting hanging on the wall to the left. This puzzle requires you to click the correct sequence. The first clue was on the scroll earlier, it should be on your notepad. The key to the clue was found just a moment ago on the book case.
• Use the clue and the key to determine the correct sequence. The sequence is 2-6-9 The door will open once you click the tile with the 2 dots, then 6 dots then 9 dots.
• Move forward and take the sword. Open the door on the right and enter through.
• Move forward once more and place the sword into the slot. The door on the right will open. Enter through the door. Click up to move upstairs.
• Move up then right, take a look at the painting on the wall to obtain this clue in your notepad. Move left and notice the water on the right. There is a key in the water but the water is too hot. Click the tile on the wall just above the water and a panel will lift to reveal a handle. Turn the handle to remove the water. Then you can get the key.
• Turn around and then move right, forward and click on the Zen sandbox. Click the darkened area to reveal a elemental stone.
• Head right and unlock the door with the gold key.
• Move forward and click on the table. This puzzle can be solved by looking at the clue from the painting you found a moment ago. Click the tiles until they resemble the clue. Once done correctly a fire elemental stone will appear.
• Move right then forward. Take the yin yang ball and look at the picture on the wall. Then head right, forward, right then left then head down the stairs, turn around and open the small drawer on the bottom of the staircase. You will find a empty slot and another yin yang ball. Place the yin yang ball in the slot and then you will be able to open the drawer near the top. This drawer did say that it would almost open but not quite. Now this drawer will open and you will find the last elemental stone. Now head back up stairs, move forward, right, left, forward, left
• Click on the stone statue on the right. You will see that there are 4 slots, a few moments ago you gathered the clue that tells you how to position the elemental stones. Once the stones are placed correctly the door on the left will open.
• Enter into the room and take the Sacred Ancient Scroll!
• Congratulations! You win..

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