Machinarium walkthrough | Play Machinarium Demo

Machinarium walkthrough
Machinarium or Mechanarium if you are fond of typo is a new point and click adventure game. Play the role of the cast out robot in this futuristic game. If you got stuck, just watch the video walkthrough for Machinarium demo below. Play Machinarium Demo now!Play free game here

Machinarium walkthrough
Machinarium (Full) Walkthrough - Prison Level P1

Machinarium Walkthrough - Prison Level P2 to P6

Machinarium Walkthrough - Doggy Level

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Lukas (Homepage) said...

Here is a demo walkthrough.. just a text if you don't want to watch the video

kath said...

There is a full game written walkthrough here:

And there is a 8 part video walkthrough here:

Machinarium Walkthrough (Homepage) said...

Great videos! These are really helpful :)

Anonymous said...

where to get plumber to that gun??

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