Kidnapped by the Pharaoh walkthrough

Kidnapped by the Pharaoh walkthrough
Kidnapped by the Pharaoh is a new point and click room escape game by Flonga. I don't know what was happened. I am in Egypt. What year is this? I need to get out of here.Play free game here
Kidnapped by the Pharaoh walkthrough

• Start out by looking inside of the large pot to find a map of the area.
• Move backward and look close at the floor for a spot of dirt that will slide away to reveal a metal pin.
• Use the pin to unlock the handcuff.
• Notice the bars on the door, look to the right of the door, the panel will slide down and reveal a lever. Click the lever to take a closer look, and slide down the lever to unlock the door.
• Move outside into the hallway, notice the pots outside around the doorways. Each room will have the same colored pots outside and inside of the rooms to help remember which rooms are where. Explore both rooms in the hallway.
• Take the staff from the room with pink pots, note the dark pink colored pot in the room with blue pots. It contains bird food.
• Move forward from the hallway that contains blue and pink pots. You will now be in a large room with a huge cylinder in the center. You can only move back to the hallway that you came from and you can move right.
• Head right to which brings you to a hallway with green and yellow pots. Move into the room with green pots, notice the painting on the wall and take the green staff. Before leaving this room take the peg from the large column.
• Enter the room with yellow pots. Notice the locked chest and something behind a gold pot that you cannot take.
• Move back and talk to the owl. Take the sack and move back to the room that you were in earlier that contained the bird food (room with blue pots). Use the sack on the pot filled with bird food and head back to the owl. Place the sack filled with bird food on the plate below the owl. Talk to the owl, he tells you to take the telescope. Talk to the owl one last time, he tells you to go look behind the pot and now you can take the item.
• Now that you have the telescope, make your way back to the room with pink pots, near where you began. Use the telescope on the light that is entering the room. You will see a pattern of stars. Note this pattern.
• Head back to the large room with the two locked doors. Take a closer look at the side of the door on the left. You will notice a panel with pegs on it. Press the pegs in the pattern of the stars, if you consider the pegs labeled 1-9 top left being 1 and the one next to it being 2 and then 3 move down left being 4 and so on. Press 1,4,6,9 and then press the one on the bottom. The bars should move so you can now pass through.
• Move forward and you will be in a hallway with orange colored pots and red pots. Enter into the room with orange pots, you will find a tablet behind one of the orange pots on the left, and a switch on the large stone missing a lever. Move back and take the blue staff. Leave the room, enter into the room with red pots.
• Here you will find 3 large stone pillars with many switches that have different colors next the switches. If you did any exploring back in the beginning you would have noticed a tomb with some strange markings on it. This tomb is located in the room with blue pots, click the tomb to take a closer look. You will notice that the tablet that you now have will fit on the tomb. After placing the tablet you will see 3 colored lines showing, each one with a symbol next to it. These marks represent the switches that you seen in the room with red pots. The symbols that are on the tablet can be found in the room with yellow pots on the picture that is on the wall. The picture states that the order from low to high would be the line- 1, the upside down U-2 and the coil of rope -3.
• So now you know that you need to click the purple lever on the center column, then the red switch on the right column and then the red switch on the left column. Head back to the room with red pots to complete the lever puzzle.
• Once you complete the puzzle you will have a lever that fell off of the last switch.
• Take the lever to the room with the orange pots and place the lever on the switch that was missing a lever. Also note the strange symbol on the column next to the column with the lever. It says blue, green, purple. You will need this in a moment.
• Head back until you are in the large room that now has water pouring down the large cylinder in the center and the large stones move down into the floor revealing 3 holes in which you will place the 3 staffs that you have collected.
• The order of the staffs are from the symbol that you found in the room with the water switch, blue-green-purple from left to right. After the door opens move forward to a new hallway. You will find a coin on the floor to the left behind the blue pot and a key on the right behind a yellow pot. The door leading forward is blocked with bars and the panel on the right side has 3 slots that are 3 different shapes.
• By this time you should have 5 gold coins in your sack, if not don’t worry here is the locations of all 5 coins.

o Coin1 is in the room with blue pots, behind a pot on the right.
o Coin 2 is located in the room with yellow pots behind a pot.
o Coin 3 is located in the hallway that contains orange and red pots, behind a statue on the left.
o Coin 4 is located in the room with red pots behind the column on the left.
o Coin 5 is located in the hallway where you find the key, on the left behind a blue pot.
• Once you have all 5 coins in your sack move to the room with pink pots, there is a scale in this room, place the sack filled with 5 coins onto the scale. An emerald will fall from the sky. Take the emerald and leave this room.
• Enter the room with blue pots and place the peg you found earlier into the column. A diamond will fall from the sky.
• Move to the room with yellow pots and use the key that you found earlier on the chest. Take the ruby and head back to the hallway that contains multiple pots of different colors.
• Place each of the gems into the slots and the bars will lift up so that you can move forward.
• Move forward 2 times and you are out!! Great job escaping from the Pharaoh!!!

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