www.state.pa.us PA keyword unemployment

I think you meant to search on the site www.state.pa.us for PA keyword unemployment? You got this on the site www.state.pa.us right?

“Pennsylvanians faced with the uncertainty of unemployment have access to an unemployment compensation filing process that’s easy, efficient and effective,” Governor Rendell said of the English and Spanish service, which can be found at www.state.pa.us, PA Keyword: “unemployment.” “These online services provide Pennsylvanians with access to necessary services at a time when they’re needed most, with no waiting, and now with more claim control features.”

Well this is so outdated, look at the date. January 2006. Do this google 'hack' instead of www.state.pa.us PA keyword unemployment. Put in the google search 'site:www.state.pa.us "unemployment compensation claims'. You'd have access directly to PA unemployment compensation claims. If are still having trouble and you want to contact them directly you may call them at 1-888-313-7284, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

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Anonymous said...

Can you file your biweekly claim thru the internet instead of calling it in? How do you get to that link?

Also,if you are getting a pension from a another employer does that affect the UC.

Also, if you are getting Social Security will that affect the UC?

latina958@yahoo.com said...

I have sent you a notice about money removed from my account twice of $19.99 ea to no avail I would like someone to get in touch with me over this matter I want the money that is owed to me back u can reach me at 610-653-5167 this money was removed from my account. How is that possible? Why did you not respond?

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