Poverty Escape walkthrough

Poverty Escape walkthrough
This game seems appropriate for the blogger in Tarlac. No offense to the other residents. Anyway, Poverty Escape is a japanese room escape game. Japanese games are cool. Their residents are rich too! Now I sound like a failed writer who ends up being a blogger at home with no friends, wife or kid. Worst, a life. Play free game here. I'm currently uploading the video for Poverty Escape walkthrough which can only be seen here of course because it will have watermark and others just simply can't give credit.

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ark (Homepage) said...

Haha, simpleng patama pero swak na swak.

Kim (Homepage) said...

hehe, actually style ito ni photoshop disasters kung san nagpapatama sya sa mga taong may bad intention (ie link spamming his blog) in his real posts which is about failed photoshop edits. Cool blog btw, i recommend it. photoshopdisasters.blogspot.com

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