Human dog hybrid

When I saw Human dog hybrid on google trend, I thought the minds behind the promotion of Dopie flipflops are getting the aid of someone in a hacker's attempt to popularize the term Human dog hybrid. Then this human dog hybrid would eventually lead to Dopie's hybrid concept on all of their ads. Which fails actually for me. If you want to set a fashion trend, people don't want to look like dogs or a gorilla! Epic fail I say. The next Human dog hybrid is also a fail. Some say it is a sculpture, photoshopped or for God's sake true hybrid, and it bothers me. Disturbing image with no artistry or creativity whatsoever.
Human dog hybrid dopie
Human dog hybrid

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kitty97 said...

i haven't heard about it! it's terrible that people made a human-dog which isn't any of them and can't live happily. it's sad that we are trying to make something good by making many things which couldn't happen and we let this animal, half-human or some specific kind of human born more and more. (sorry of my grammar, but i'm not english or american )

Anonymous said...

As for me the human-dog poster looks neutral, but that second monstrosity is just hideous.
I may understand that the author wanted to show 'something'...oh wait, no i don't understand. I saw some other work of that artist and almost all of them are related to old dying people, monstious hybrids, and disolving things i don't know, but if I would meet the artist i would ask gently - WTF! Maybe that's the reaction they want.
Oh, about the sculpture, yes it is a sculpture, but for f*ck sake, burn it damnit!

Anonymous said...

This is fucked up. It just looks so wrong. I really haven't been this creeped out since I read Jim Woodring's comic ''Manhog, Behind the Face''.

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