Watch Icarly Itwins full episode | iCarly part 1

Have you really ever seen Icarly Itwins full episode? Does it REALLY say that Sam kisses him? I read it, and that was totally not listed on there. Besides, why would they tell you? You do know that Wikipedia is basically written by regular people like us, right? Someone that wants Seddie to happen probably wrote that. Anyway here's what truly happened.
Basically it is simple: If one is thinking about how such series usually are built, then it is 100% Sam, which is just as her own twin sister, Melanie spends (which probably does not even exist, because, as has already been said, knew Carly else, at least) and the whole thing just has a chance, Freddie (yes for which they obviously feels, as she admits) to data (and Freddie out with her just shows that he also likes Sam).

Watch Icarly Itwins full episode | iCarly part 1 preview

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Anonymous said...

ya know what???forget it...Iwill try to watch this on tv. Its impossible to watch anything nowadays.

Anonymous said...

^ hater xD

Anonymous said...

jeese dont be so mean, he or she is right you cant watch anything in these days it always says "its blocked", or "removed due ti infringment" its damn right annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i do know what you mean by hater :)

Anonymous said...

this is so dumb and stupid, stupid i tell ya

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