Sorority Life cheats, Sorority Life hack bot

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For those that don't know, sorority life is the chick version of Mafia Wars, it is actually based on the same XML, and the developed didn't even bother to change the variable names from "mob" and stuff.

This hack automatically does "social events" when you have the energy to do so, and automatically takes the money and banks it rather than leaving it as cash on hand.

It automatically fights people, based on their house size (mob size) and automatically heals you and stuff.

I will probably get caught for using a bot before I finish developing it, but I don't really think the developer is worried about people playing "Sorority Life" being programmers that can hack their game

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Anonymous said...

What the hell is the purpose of this video and he doesn't plan on sharing it! Stupid!

Anonymous said...

yeah i keep running into this video, annoying as hell

Anonymous said...

I agree ^^^ where is the actual bot download???

Anonymous said...

i hate how he dont even tell u show to get the damn bot!! im tired of this vid poppin up!!!

Anonymous said...

Stop being jerks. Zynga confiscated the vid so it can't be played. THAT'S why you can't play it or find out how to do the bot!

Sorority Life Cheats (Homepage) said...

Look for the official sorority life cheats site coming soon!

Anonymous said...

what a load of sh*t jeezz man

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