Weeds season 5 episode 2, Weeds s05e02 torrent, Weeds 5.2 5x2 "Fish Eat Dead Skin"

Weeds season 5 episode 2 is hilarious just seeing this promo. Not because they involved Asians, I am asian and not a racist. And I do enjoy humor with a taste. Weeds s05e02 Synopsis "Fish Eat Dead Skin": Nancy gets an ominous message from Guillermo and must visit him in prison without Esteban knowing. Elsewhere, Celia finds she has value in organizing supplies at the rebel camp while Andy takes Shane to stay with Nancy's estranged sister Jill. Out in the national forest, Silas and Doug discover that growing pot on federal land will be harder than they'd first imagined.

Weeds season 5 episode 2, Weeds s05e02 5.2 5x2 "Fish Eat Dead Skin"

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