Use Boxmen walkthrough cheats

Use Boxmen (a very weird title, could be japanese?) is a creative and challenging puzzle platformer. Some say without the walkthrough you probably wouldn't know what the hell to do with 4 boxmen. So here is some guide for you Use Boxmen gamers. The following is a video of tasselfoot, beating Use Boxmen. Here's some tips to get you along Use Boxmen.

Use Boxmen walkthrough:

Use Boxmen hint for Level 10:
Lvl10 can be solved in a much simpler way,involving only 3 boxmen and virtually no skill.Place a standing boxman under the gap on the bottom(I mean where the spikes are going to appear),another one next 2 the high spikes,and a running boxman between them.Then go 2 the switches and time it so that the last spikes appear and kill the standing boxman,then go slightly back and they disappear letting the running boxman thru,then go forward again and the last spikes disappear letting him run 2 the box

Use Boxmen level 10 Alternate Solution

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