Shatner flips off Conan O Brien

William Shatner Conan o'Brien jerk off
William Shatner was on Conan yesterday night.. William Shatner was an hole. Anybody could tell that yesterday ngiht was no joke. What did he do? William Shatner did the j-rk off motion to Conan, talked s-it, then flicked Conan off. I was watching because Kobe was on. Then Conan jumped on his desk and asked Shatner what the f- his problem was. Shatner couldn't even do the Star Trek sign, what a loser. Maybe I just don't understand this man's humor. Ok, yes it can be a turn off most of the time, it is crude and offensive, but I don't think he meant to be an total hole, just a dck perhaps.

Shatner flips off Conan O Brien

To relieve the tension, here's a nice Shatner Funk remix. This is cool.

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