Sharra Ferbrache Photos |

Sharra Ferbrache Photos |
Yes there are copyright and trademark to protect us, but what claim do we have on our own names? If our private photos especially explicit ones are posted on this site with our name on it, we have the right to be angry and file a lawsuit. Sharra Ferbache exactly did this to her ex-boyfriend Tony Mandarich, former Greenbay Packers football player.

The site is down now, but you can still view its cached page

The Sharra Ferbache Photos from the cached page were seemed to be deleted as well from the server. The captions left were as follow.
Sharra Kris Ferbrache Fan Club

Sharra's Talents Are Diverse, As You Can See Below
Indianapolis Party Girl Sharra Ferbrache Mast-rb-ting
Sharra's Top-ess Bikini Shoot! Sharra: Co-Host of Monster Jam on Speed TV
Click here to chat with Sharra Kris on NiteFlrt....Her stage name is Bianca Blu.
She is very naughty on the phone! She comes highly recommended.
So much more to come............We love Sharra!

There are also two posted youtube videos, Monster Jam and Sharra Ferbache known as Sharra Kris sexy pictorials

So much bitterness from a dumped boyfriend like Tony huh.

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Sharra sounds ditzy!

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