Obscenity appears on yearbook cover photo | Shaker Heights Ohio yearbook phot

I remember my highschool friend who likes to hide interesting stuffs on his art. He's a gifted artist, and when we saw the n-ked women from the trees he drew on his presentation, we laughed our heart out and our teacher doesn't even have a clue. In Shaker Heights in Ohio though, profanity hidden on a cover of a high school yearbook is unforgiveable.

Here's the news:

An art student drew a creative interpretation of Shaker Heights High School's "Red Raider" mascot and incorporated the F-word into the drawing.

Incoming senior Katie Rownd said on a report, "You have to turn it upside down and then it is right there,"
Like this:

Principal Michael Griffith has taken all actions after knowing the incident.
They released an edited version of the yearbook with the bad word erased.

A teen has already her expression on this. personalmoneystore and daspark12
The yearbook cover says Raider Nation across the top and the rest of the cover is filled with what Michael McIntyre describes as a creative interpretation of a crowd of Red Raider mascots drawn by an artistically gifted student. So whats the problem with the Shaker Heights yearbook cover?

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