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The people spoke. Humor comes in many different forms, and for a national tv comedy program, majority just can't take it. Especially over a joke on a politician's daughter who is a minor. You might saw this on twitter, but a site has been started to fire David Letterman. If you can't access it, here is a cached version. According to the site,

Fire David Letterman

4:30 PM at the Ed Sullivan Theater
1697 Broadway, New York City (click here to sign on to Facebook Event)

Our Mission Statement:
David Letterman Must Held Be Accountable For His Disgraceful Statements

62 Year Old Letterman Violates Common Decency
With Sexist Insults of 14 Year Old Girl

What did David Letterman say about Palin's daughter?

On June 8th 2009 Mr. Letterman "joked" that a female Governor of the United States is "sl-tty" and worse still, "joked" about her 14 year-old daughter and statutory rape by an adult baseball player. He continued his slander of this young girl during his June 9th show, likening her to a prostitute. I refuse to buy products from a company who supports such a vulgar, reprehensible attitude toward women and girls.

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