Escape the Car walkthrough guide and cheats

We can't get enough of escape games huh? Even in real life, we tend to be escapists. Skipping the class was fun. Though not recommended. We got mrcool76789 here, besides his randomized number name he's got a cool Escape the Car walkthrough to help you beat Escape the Car. He said sorry about the typos. enjoy :)Sorry bout the slow typin too.

Don't be sorry mrcool! Geez, you just helped thousands of casual gamers over the world in finishing Escape the Car. Thanks a million!

A few questions might come into your mind solving Escape the Car, like:
-how do u find out which wires to do? who is gonna think of tht. and i found the E but where's the 40?
-how did u know wat colors?!
-do i have to smash the light with the knife u can do it just by clicking or with the flash light
-what makes the password e40 thats what i dont get, honestly who is gonna think of that
-I found a green circle called a "bonus item" what does it do? Has anyone else found it?

Well I hope this Escape the Car walkthrough video will help clear things out.

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Anonymous said...

help me get through this syupid game.

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