Demi Moore bush pic video

At first I though there was something going on between Demi Moore and President Bush when I saw the headline. Wow! I guess Demi Moore bush pics video uncensored will give your imagination a lot more interesting things. They say it was huge bush? Anyway, what started by Daniel Tosh of Comedy Central show as a cryptic message has become a treasure hunt all over the web. Daniel Tosh said, “Searcg for Demi Moore George Bush, but no need the George part. or search for Demi Moore Mr Bush but no need to enter the Mr part. Or search for “Demi moore look at that bush” but you don't need the “look at that” part." Chikamuna got the first story. Then you'll have to see Demi Moore Bush for real.

Untitled from tosh point0 on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

You can see the high quality pics of that amazing bush here.

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