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You want to know more about the glitch errors from pogo site. If I mimimize window then click on play game again, the room loading init site This online game brough to us by Pogo Games, doesn't need a walkthrough or guide, but I'll provide it anyway in a little while. Just like the comprehensive walkthorugh I posted for Escape from the Laundromat.

On games like is a strange one. I logon to and select game. When I
click Play Game it opens another ie window and get a smiliar message to above:

Line: 19
Char: 2
Error Permission denied
Code: 0

BUT if i mimimize this window and select Play Now again the game will load
properly in the minimized window!!

Please can I get some guidance??

First - re-enable your firewall, ASAP, unless you're on a network protected
at the perimeter by a firewall appliance. Never connect to the Internet
without a firewall in place; not even for a second.
Next, open IE, go to tools, internet options, advanced tab, and tick
"disable script debugging" - then click OK. Try again.


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