Oprah's Free Chicken ( opra kfc oprahkfc )

Now I know why Opra Winfrey is the ninth most powerful women according to Forbes. Oprah's words are magic. She tells you she'll give you kentucky fried chicken coupons downloadable on unthink, and pat squat you're here. So let me take you where you can download oprah free chicken or opra kfc or oprahkfc or however you think you've heard it. You want chicken because of Oprah? You got it! See ophra.com kfc unthink.com and all holla KFC couponI just don't get people searching for Obama Hamburger though.

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Sid Samant said...

Read more about Fried Chicken & Oprah at

Anonymous said...

What good is the coupon if they don't honor it? I went to the KFC in Oshkosh, WI on May 18th, they were selling the grilled chicken but said they would only give me a rain check. I turned the coupon in and have nothing in return. Has the look of a scam.

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