Lost Statue Translation, What lies in the shadow of the statue in Latin, ille qui nos omnes servabit

Lost season finale gave us headaches in the part were Richard finally answers the question "What lies in the shadow of the statue?", it is in Latin.

You must have searched all over on Lost message board, Lost discussion, Lost forums, Lost Blog, Lost Wiki, Lostpedia about Lost theories, and Lost Jacob. Asking about Lost season 5 finale, or even Lost season 6 and Lost 2010!

What lies in the shadow of the statue in latin does not directly translates to ille qui nos omnes servabit. Ille qui nos omnes servabit translates to "The one who saves us all".

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Anonymous said...

actually, more accuratley it is...He who will save us all.

Anonymous said...

how do yuo know that

Anonymous said...

it's called a translator dmubass

Anonymous said...

"he who shall save us all"

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