Laundry Escape 2 walkthrough, guide and cheats

I've got Laundry Escape 2 walkthrough, guide and cheats for you cheater! Excuse the ugly introduction. Back in high school I used a lot of walkthroughs for the RPG's I played, not thinking it was a form of cheating. Not really, but a guide to what you should do next diminishes the thrill and fulfillment in accomplishing tasks on your own. I love Laundry Escape, and this sequel Laundry Escape 2 brought me more headaches and a dose of fun! Escape the Laundromat in this Laundry Escape 2 walkthrough, guide and cheats.

Laundry Escape 2 walkthrough, guide and cheats:

I played it and here's what I've gotten so far. Go to the left of starting point to see 4 washing machines. The one which is out of order has coin in it. Use the coin on the Soda vending machine. Dont forget to put the flourescent you found from the chairs' bar above the ceiling on this area. What for? A key will be visible after you turned on the light. Pick up the key.

Check pail hanging in the area with dirty laundry and toys vending machine. Put the soda in the pail, and it will fall off. Take the detergent bottle. Keep on clicking the telephone booth's numpad to get another coin. Use the coin at the toy vending machine and take the bouncy ball. Throw this ball in this area. Watch where it lands. When the bouncy ball stops. Click on the area near it. You will discover a latch.

You something to pry it open.

Click on the soap bar machine handle to get a screwdriver. Use this near the door, on the alarm controls to open it. Read this post's comment to see how to disable the alarm.

Playing this game requires a lot of clicks, and trial and error. Just try how I'd did to finish off Laundry Escape 2 and you'd be much happier discovering it on your own, then sharing how you come up with the ideas to accomplish it!

UPDATE! I am very bad in writing walkthrough so I will just repost this walkthrough I found here

Pick up camera. Click on question mark next to camera to zoom in on it. Turn it around and look through the pictures. Notice the license plate that says "call#"
Zoom in on laundry detergent dispenser and click on small gray button. Pick up screwdriver.
Go right and pick up light bulb that is resting on the metal rod behind the chairs.
go right, click on bell to zoom in. Use screwdriver to remove screws from panel on the right. To view the panel click right again. Back all the way out.
go right, zoom in on phone and then number pad. click the numbers that correspond with Call# (2255#). Pick up coin.
Zoom in on bulletin board and read the postings.
Zoom in on toy machines twice and use coin to get a ball. Back all the way out. Throw ball at "X" on the wall.
go right and click upwards. Place light in ceiling fixture and get the key. back out and notice the direction and color of the socks hanging. Zoom in on out of order dryer and click on it to collect another coin.
go right, zoom in on soda machine and use coin to get a soda.
Go left twice. Click on the red detergent bottle hanging from the ceiling. Put soda in the bucket.
Back out and pick up detergent bottle. Click the ? to view the bottle and click the cap and get a knife from teh bottle.
Click on the ball on the floor and use the knife to pry open the hatch. Use the silver key to open it. Get pliers.
Go left once and zoom in on bell and go right for the panel. Click RLRRLR for the buttons.
Go left. Use pliers on bell to cut the key. Zoom out to obtain key on the floor. Use key to leave.

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the socks hanging the way they are turned corresponds to the place to disable the alarm

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i cant get the coin to come out of the phone.

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