1/376 of a minute

What is 1/376 of a minute? Is it millisecond? Could be faster than split second. But on the book Chronicles By Chris Given-Wilson, an instant was reckoned at 1/376 of a minute. It was on pages 220-223 of Worcester ii. Also, in medieval time, 1/376 of a minute or about 160 milliseconds converts to the time reached on a twinkling of an eye. It translates in Latin as Atomus. Is this another one of Lost mysteries? Latin again? Could you please clarify this, as to why it has been on top of today's searches? Maybe I can tell you more.

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Anonymous said...

It was on Jeopardy last night.

tmarthal (Homepage) said...

I believe that atomus being defined as 1/376 of a temporal minute measurement has to do with the time that the sun travels some angular distance. I am not sure, but I would say that maybe the sun travels 1/376 of an angular minute in atomus (or something equally equivalent).

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