10 TV Characters to Die in Season Finales

10 TV Characters to Die in Season Finales is this title really appropriate? I would want to rephrase that as 10 TV Characters that Appeared to Die in Season Finales. Because the writers of these dramas are Gods! They revive the dead! Telling they weren't really dead, it was fake! Please Sarah Tancredi, you just wanted a bigger talent fee for Season 4. Sylar? Stay dead for Christ's sake. Still here are the

10 TV Characters to Die in Season Finales

Grey's Anatomy - Dr. Finn McHotbutt
How I Met Your Mother - Lily and Marshall
Gossip Girl - Chace Crawford
CSI:NY Eddie Cahill
Prison Break : 2 unnamed characters
Several others may come from these possible killers:
Desperate Housewives, 30 Rock, House, Ugly Betty, The Office, Smallville, Supernatural, Prison Break, Lost, 90210, 24, and Bones.

But as How I met your Mother said: (Love this) "Maybe they should all die"

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