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Ooh kinky, must be another of those edible underwear you could prepare for that special night, and you are only wearing this little piece of meat, a Bacon bra. What is Bacon bra? If you knew will you buy bacon bra? Where to get bacon bra? Well I'm hungry and so must be you looking at that picture! Bacon Bra is actually someone's private photos on flickr of someone wearing a homemade Bra made of Bacons.

From Brian Kusler's Flickr account
"as long as they're cropped" she said i can publish the pictures of the present she gave me for christmas.

i don't really know how the idea came up... at some point after too many tequilas and my friend talking about how to get more men interested in her, someone said, "wait, men love bacon and boobs, why not combine the two? that's a million dollar idea right there!"

everyone laughed but it never came up again until christmas -- in the middle of the party my friend makes her grand entrance modeling her new prototype -- victorias secret, you interested? :P
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